What my fear of dying was really about…

For so long I was afraid of dying. I did not become aware of this underlying fear until I integrated my Soul into my body and started living my path – what is real and right for ME.

Are you LIVING? Really living…? Or are you inside some construct or shell of a life following another’s path or society’s expectations?

When I was 18 I was sitting on a plane with a friend heading to Florida for a 5 day weekend wedding.

Before we were about to take off, I was sitting in my seat in a panic going through my mind all the ways to prepare myself if / as the plane crashed and I plummeted to my death.

Looking back now I could see all the fears I had about dying came from my inner self, my Soul showing me how I wasn’t living.

I thought I was living it up. But, my insides and feelings were telling me differently. There was a disconnect then that I wasn’t even aware of…

Until I started living.

Living in a way that is for me. Tapped into what is really important to me.

Turns out, what is real and right for me isn’t all the things I strived for. I had the ‘things’ and all the check boxes marked.

Turns out for me… Much of what is important to me, one can’t see and can only feel.

Are you tuned in to what is really important and valuable to you?

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