Healing trauma

I wanted to share on my page a response I posted to a Facebook friend who was looking for resources of those who help heal past trauma.

I share here for any one of my friends who needs a resource.

Please also share with someone who is ready and wants deep, compassionate healing.

“I help people heal trauma not only emotionally but energetically and physically as well.

The trauma may need to be released from the body where it could be trapped from the time it happened.

Sometimes an aspect / part of a person is also stuck and I go into the field where they are and recover them.

When there is illness, injury or disease, that could be an indicator of the trauma inside the body.

You’ll know an aspect has been split off and stuck when behaviors and patterns keep playing out and the cycle can’t seem to be broken – no matter how much positive thinking, mantras, affirmation etc are practiced.”

All of this is available Internationally and locally via Skype call or phone.


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