Are you allowing others to hold you back?

Just because someone has an opinion, doesn’t make them ‘right’. You know what they say about opinions and assholes…

Do you notice that when someone shares an opinion that directly relates to you – how you show up, your message, your art, your thoughts and beliefs – that you automatically take it as “I’m wrong, I didn’t do it right, they must be right”?

Clients come to my work when they know more is meant to come through them and feel stuck, blocked, in patterns they can’t break.

They are subconsciously holding back who they are from subliminal programming and false fears. One of those reasons they are held back is being worried what other people will think.

Who gives a fuck?

Unless I have asked you, unless you have asked them – don’t give any credence to the words coming out of their pie hole.

Their opinion is coming from their experience, their perception, their filters.

No one knows you like you know you. No one knows what you’re here to share and express other than you.

Newsflash – if you are here to share a message, bring your art into the world, create a ripple effect change in the collective… there are going to be people who will not agree.

And you know what else?

There are going to be people who don’t like you either. Especially the sleepy sheeps.

You’re here to shift things, wake people up, break down walls, lift veils… You are going to cause waves.

Don’t allow another’s opinions to be a distraction to sharing your voice, expression, message, art.

So, just know – you doing you is going to trigger others.

And, their response is their responsibility. Flick off their opinion like a piece of lint on your shirt and carry on.

In fact, I would go as far to say… those who come in with their various ways of distracting you – it is their sole purpose and only role. To cause a diversion from where you’re headed.

They are typically people closest to you and come around the time you’re about to break through with more of who you are and your next level of expression and experience.

Stop allowing others to stop you.

Stand in your own knowing, YOUR TRUTH, your empowerment, your confidence. Tap deeply into your Soul knowing and carry forth.

Sure, it is uncomfortable breaking through. I know you want to be liked, fit in, belong… But, ask yourself “At what cost? What is it costing me to hold back?”

Be thankful for the experiences and their opinions. Taking the approach I’m sharing invites you to build your truth muscles and choose more powerfully for yourself.

When you do, these people will vibe out of your experience (let them!) or they’ll shift how they interact with you.

The more you do you, be you, and not be swayed by outside voices, the less you’ll find yourself holding back worrying if you are doing you right or what others think.

Creativity will flow through you, expressing yourself will come with ease, those who are meant to cross your path can now find and align with you.

In not giving energy and attention to the distractions, you’ll have that energy to focus on you and what you’re here to create, be and express.

Oh! and you don’t need to convince anybody of anything. Let that shit go too. It is just another variation of distraction from your purpose.

Nobody’s opinion matters more than your own.

You’ve got something to share and the world is ready.

I promise you, as you step up and through, life will meet you.


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