Why you’re holding back your wild genius

The aspect of you that makes others most uncomfortable is YOUR NATURAL GIFTS AND WILD GENIUS. 

The wild genius that is here to create ripple effects of change. 

Your natural-born gifts designed to disrupt the world into awakening.


You hide your genius and deny your gifts in order to NOT MAKE OTHERS FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE.

And, you’re the one who is suffering. 

You feel lost, confused, off your path, doubtful, insecure, afraid…

Because, in the past, you have been made wrong, ostracized, made fun of, or abandoned simply for being you.

It keeps you from being your full-on awesome self.

UNTIL… you realize it’s not about you

It can feel painful to not be liked, be misunderstood, not be seen or heard, and feel like you don’t belong.

Expressing your genius or sharing your gifts feels hard because there is an inner, automatic mechanism you can’t see, programmed to make sure you don’t experience that pain ever again. 

It’s about them. 

It’s about WHAT they SEE in THEMSELVES when you’re standing in your full on power.

It’s about HOW they FEEL about THEMSELVES when you’re expressing your genius and sharing your gifts.

And, you are NOT RESPONSIBLE for processing or taking on another’s discomfort or stuff.

You are responsible for being you.

But now it’s been so long, unveiling and coming out hiding out is a mind fuck Houdini act to get out of. And, at the same time, you feel like an enraged wild, caged animal who can’t hold back any longer.

You are going in circles, getting nowhere but, you know there is MORE.

It’s not that you aren’t doing all the “right” things.

It is that you are committed to NOT CAUSING DISRUPTION.

So, you don’t allow yourself to freely express your wild genius or share your natural gifts.

And it all feels hard because deeply you know there is more to come through you and more for you to experience in this life.

You can’t change anyone but yourself. So, forget about them and focus back on you. 

And when you finally let your wild genius and unique, disruptive gifts out of the cage, you’ll be free to be you and your aligned tribe can then find you. 



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