Can you handle the truth?

The truth, when spoken with precision,  cuts deeply through the illusory bullshit stories you’ve been telling yourself.

When precise truth comes in it will poke at your core like a hot poker just out of the fire. 

Your automatic defense mechanism is to defend, block, fight back. 

You’ll deny what you heard. 

You’ll push back the Truth Teller.

  • Sure ;), your relationship is working.
  • Yeah sure 😉 you’re in integrity with that one already in a relationship.
  • Sure 😉 giving your genius away for free so you don’t have to look at your own value is working well.
  • Yeah, sure 😉 it’s all about the final touches you need to get together before you can share your work with the world

Your LIFE is evidence of the level of truth you’ve allowed yourself to see through the veil of your blind spots. 

When you hear something and it hurts, pause. 

Is what you’re about to defend who you really desire to be? 

Is what you’re holding onto really hold the value you believe it does? 

Truth is the gateway to allow all you desire to come through you and be your experience.

The money, business, love, health…

What are your desires worth to you?

If you know more is possible for you…

Get yourself in front of a Truth Teller, stand in the fire and allow what’s really true to be unveiled.

Truth is the gateway to what you seek.  Truth will set you free.

You can handle it. 

You’ve just got to decide what is most valuable to you.

P.S. This not only is an invitation to hear truth but, to SPEAK your truth as well.


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