Feeling stuck? Overwhelmed? Things not working out? This may be why…

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Like Glinda the Good Witch says… “You’ve had it within you all along.”

The desires you have would not be in your realm or heart if it wasn’t possible.

But, things not working out as you hoped?

It may be because you’re not doing it YOUR way.  You’re following another’s blueprint.

When fears, self-doubt, and insecurities arise, do you search outside yourself for the answer?

When you do, you are giving away power to a thing outside of yourself. 

Connect to your innate inner wisdom.

Here is the thing… Your own way may have no previous path to follow.  No one has done it before.  Those around you may not have crossed these roads. 

You are a Pioneer.

And it takes courage to take leaps, let go of what is proven and find your own way.

If there is a gap between what you want to experience and what you are experiencing, look within and ask –

  • am I connected with myself?
  • am I following my own medicine? (intuition, gut instinct, inner voice)
  • am I following another blueprint?
  • am I trying to stay within the confines of a structure?
  • am I tuned into someone else beliefs and disregarding my own?

If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, things aren’t working, come back to balance through reconnecting within – to yourself and detach from anything outside of you.

Take a look at your path, the ways you’re doing things – business/career, relationships, money, health…

–> The ideas you have about life – do they fit, feel good, match who you want to be?

–> Are you following patterns of behavior that have been passed down? 

–> Are you following others limited beliefs?

With inner inquiry, you open yourself up to the wisdom you have within you.

Oh, I know! It gets scary when you’re going to take a leap, draw outside the lines, take a left when everyone is taking a right.

Fear will come up.  Don’t allow fear to rule you any longer or make decisions for you. 

As you take the steps, leap and fly… your ego and personality may try and get in the way.  Just know it is a built-in mechanism that is outdated and do not give it any more power.  The mechanism will naturally fade away.

As you journey through this path of the Pioneer, the layers around your heart will also start to come down.  It may feel vulnerable without them there.  Don’t put them back up. You’ll quickly see all that is available on the other side of the layers – more love, magic, connections, abundance… Heaven on Earth unfolding.

In the process of these shifts, the walls coming down, your layers shedding, it is helpful to unplug, rest, get away from the static and distractions that subconsciously pull you in. 

Stillness and BEing may be uncomfortable for your ego – telling you stories of not being productive enough, shame and guilt may rise up – all signs of what is not serving you dissolving.

When you are trusting yourself and following your soul, you can never go in the wrong direction.

You are the Medicine.

Me…. I am the guide shining the light within you.  Here to lock arms with you, cheer you on, hold strong grounded space as you’re taking the scary leaps, going beyond your comfort zone, breaking through the glass ceiling and coloring outside the lines.

You are meant to be doing it your way.  The world needs more and more people doing it their way.  #livingismyart

The time is here.  You’ve done all you need to allow yourself natural born sovereignty and letting your soul shine through. 

Shine on, Pioneer!


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