Monthly Group Course

Everything you need is within you.

You are a channel of consciousness.  Your physical being is a vessel for the expression of energy.

The process of ascension and spiritual evolution has been upon us for some time.  Change, evolution, and transmutation is a profound and exciting process for the human and Soul.

For the human aspect, change and evolution will bring up all the barriers and internal constructs out of alignment with the truth of who you are.

You are Divine, unlimited, empowered co-creator of your reality.

You have likely read all the books, watched the talks, took the courses and know this all on an intellectual level.  Now is the time for implementation.  To live what you deeply know.  To experience where your Soul is leading you.

Change is a process.

Lasting change happenings in the Body, Mind, and Soul.  To decide on a change in the mind only will snap you back into the known and keep you stuck inside your comfort zone.

Where you’re headed and being led is a place you’ve yet to experience.  Because…

You’re meant to do it differently.

What you are here to experience and be the expression of is unique to you.  How it is done is yet to be discovered within you.  Or maybe you already have a glimpse and what you see is freaking you out.

You’ve come to the right place.

You are the Medicine

I connected with this energy and consciousness that has been making its way to our reality.  The process of it coming in has been peeling away layers, knocking down walls, and disrupting what is so you can be the clear channel and expression of your Soul and the energy moving through you.

We are creating and living in a new world.

The strong, clear message was for me to honor this energy and consciousness by being the channel of it only for those who are REALLY ready to receive the transmission and go through the changes necessary.

We’re moving into space of being SuperHuman.  Living, creating, manifesting beyond the six senses.

You can jump, leap, fly and even stumble into this new way of being.  However you get there, it requires change, breaking the habit of being you, and detoxing from the thought and emotional addictions you’ve had for so long.

The good news is… it is meant to be fun, easy, playful.

It only becomes hard and challenging when you resist the process.

The changes you are being guided to make requires next level surrender.  Surrender to the how, what is, what others will think…

“Working with Kelly Ann has guided me to push through, break free and align myself. This has showed me how to navigate through life in a different manner. She has set up space for me to shut off, vibrate out, and work through the things that were holding me back. Thoughts, beliefs and experiences that would have taken years in therapy to overcome.   Together this work was done in a 4 week program. YES, only 4 weeks !!!!” – Melissa V.

Daring yourself to dream the big dream.

This group will bring you beyond what you have settled for.  It will encourage you to drop your beliefs and go beyond the limited thinking of the past.

Whatever your desire to co-create and experience, this is the place if you know and understand everything is energy.

There is a lot of magic and mysticism in the process – going beyond your mind and being and into new, unknown spaces.

“If you are looking someone to guide you she is it. I’ve witnessed so much magic for myself and all the others in the group.  The groups are fabulous! So much changes for you in just 4 weeks.  The groups are special, it’s not just Kelly supporting you, it’s the entire group. Lots of love and support!!”

~ Steph Marie

Your Guide

I am a modern day mystic who takes ancient wisdom, shamanic studies, Energy Medicine, modern psychology, and science and brings it all into grounded, practical application. As a clairvoyant Guide, I  open the pathways and possibilities for one to come home to themselves.

I will channel energy for the group collective, provide energy forecasts, and deliver individual intuitive guidance as I lead you and the group across the bridge into new dimensions.

Those who have participated in my free live videos have received life-changing insight and clarity opening new possibilities they weren’t aware existed.

The message of this new energy medicine is for me to be the channel for it inside a sacred, secret group for only those with the interest, availability, and capacity integrate the transmission and allow the energy to channel through them.

You’ll know this is the space for you because you will feel it.  You’ll be drawn to participate.  The desire comes from beyond your mind – it is a deep knowing.

I am excited to meet you inside this space.

The details

We start 1/2/2019

Inside this sacred container of the online group –

  • you’ll be supported as you discover your truth and the way you really want to express yourself and live this life,
  • you’ll be held, seen, and honored for who you are,
  • you’ll be guided beyond your internal limitations and celebrated as you gain clarity and take the bold, courageous steps,
  • you’ll be met with a tribe of other visionaries around the world; coming together to create new – their way.

You’ll have direct access to me and my psychic insight to your blind spots, fears, subconscious beliefs.

“I get caught up in my own chaos and frustrations, but when do Kelly Ann is there to guide me to calmness and clarity. This had been the best part of working inside the membership group. I have never felt more aligned than in the last couple of months.” ~ Stacy Nicole

The energy transmissions I provide will open up and activate your queen energy, uplevel your mindset, blast out subconscious limitations, and support the sustained expansion of your energy field.

All this goodness inside an exclusive Facebook group.

Dates of the live transmission TBD.  If you need a schedule and a lot of advanced notice on the live transmissions, this may not be for you.  I honor the energy and my role as the Channel for it.

To sum it all up:

  • Four weeks of support inside a secret closed group
  • Two live transmissions
  • Individual Energy Readings and
  • Intuitive Soul Guidance

BONUS: For the first 8 who register, you receive one – 30 minute private 1:1 laser focus call ($120 value)






Level UP Option

This option includes the course PLUS an additional 30 minute 1:1 call.

If you are one of the first 8 to register and snag the bonus call, you get a FULL HOUR call.

Your Level UP call can be used at the same time as your bonus (if you snag one right away) or two separate calls.






With this option, the course is essentially free!

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