Physical symptoms of expansion, upgrade, ascension

We, as human beings, are made up of energy.  When the energy around and within us shifts, our bodies also respond.

As a collective, we are all going through shifts and upgrades – also been referred to as the ‘ascension process’.

The shifts can feel uncomfortable, startling, and even scary in your mind and body if you don’t realize something larger than your symptom is going on.

I thought I’d share some of what I and others have been experiencing as ‘ascension symptoms’ so you do not feel crazy or alone in your experience.  When our minds get involved and we try to ‘fix’ things, we could actually put more energy toward more of what we don’t want rather than ease through it.

Do not take these on as your own.  Simply witness what I share as an inspiration to surrender to the process of your body adjusting to the new energies – however that manifests.  Absolutely follow whatever medical guidance you are drawn to – this is not medical advice nor am I suggesting you ignore anything your body may need.

I am very self aware, connected to my body and my Soul team.  I have a strong knowing of what needs attention and what needs to be surrendered to which absolutely makes this process easier.  If you want help deepening that relationship with yourself, lets have a chat.

As I write this, I have a HUGE breakout happening on the third eye area of my face (okay, “huge” may be a slight exaggeration. maybe, not really).  It is odd and interesting because I have good skin and for it to break out is anomaly.

My body changes almost daily.  Have you ever felt like you gained 50 pounds over night? Yeah, me too. For about a week I was bloated for no other reason. No workout or food adjustment would change it. I have stopped trying to force anything – it only adds more stress. My body naturally comes back in line.

When new energy comes in it is similar to a balloon – when you fill it, it expands.  Same with energy coming into our bodies.  As we integrate the energy and let go of other energies, our bodies will come back into balance (letting go is a big piece of this too).

A few months back (honestly, ‘time’ has shifted for me too – so I don’t know exactly when), I was having sharp pains in my chest area.  I knew (guidance and intuition) my heart was opening up more.  One might have thought I was having a heart attack.

Another time similar sensations happened that I could have named it a panic attack.  When that happened, I just stopped and allowed the energy to run through me.  Kind of like a river of fast running water – just let it flow.

It is so important to listen to your body and what it needs.  Too often we push through – get the ‘to do list’ done, fulfill obligations we don’t need to, do more for others than we do ourselves.  This is when the body has had enough and forces us to bed or on the couch for the integration to take place.  Don’t let it come to that.

Sleep is one of the ways the energy integrates and upgrades (similar to when we our computer or our phone is updating and is ‘asleep’). Last week I had a couple nights of 11 hours of sleep. Another day I took a nap – there was nothing else I could do but sleep.  For a few days that week I’d wake up and feel totally “out of it” for hours (kinda feeling the same today) – because of all the shifting happening.

Yesterday I had a headache all day long. Sure, I could have taken medicine but, I knew my mind was clearing out and my brain was being rewired.

While my body is physically responding, there is nothing I can do to change what is.  I allow.  My body is adjusting.

The mind will get all bent out of shape or in a tizzy because we’re not being productive enough, are “lazy”, not doing what we ‘should’ be, not eating the ‘right’ things, sleeping too much, etc.  But, this is absolutely what we need to be doing.  Stillness, listening, and surrendering to the process of what our body is going through.  Oh! and do not believe the stories running through your mind.

No matter what was on my “to do list” last week, I couldn’t get things done. If I tried to, I would sit and and just spin in circles.

The last thing I want to mention is time.  Time would do it’s own thing. At times it felt like hours went by and it was only minutes. Other moments it felt like time stood still.

Surrender to the process.

The more I allow and surrender my mind, the easier the process.  It can be and feel quite intense at times.

These are the times where self care is imperative.  Some of the self care things I amped up are:
– walking in the woods, being in nature, surrounding myself with fresh air and trees
– Epsom salt baths
– rest when my body calls for it. slowness.
– eat what my body asks for (even if it is outside the ‘norm’ or ‘junk food’ – I was on a kettle corn kick for a bit and now juicing daily for over a month)
– dance – to help move the energy
– cleared out my space, moved things around, and de-cluttered – our space reflects us and our bodies. get rid of stuff!
– read a few books
– watched a lot of Netflix and movies
– spent time alone – declined social events (sometimes being with people interferes with the integration – for me at least)
– spent time with those who understand the shifts going on

Trust yourself, listen to your body, get the support you need.

You do not need to suffer through the process.  Part of your mind may want to hold on to what is not serving you (release).  Where you are heading and experiencing may feel like unknown territory – that can feel threatening to the ego and psyche.  Don’t let that hold you back from ascending to greater, more, better.  You are so deserving!

As an Energy Practitioner and I Intuitive, I can help support you through these shifts – guiding you through with ease and grace while supporting you with aligning with the higher frequencies and vibrations you are being led to.  If you’re ready to have a leap or quantum jump and feel more at peace through the process, lets do some work together.


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