Confused? Here is what that is really about

You’re not confused; you’re scared shitless.

You’re not confused about the leap you want to take. You’re afraid you won’t succeed.

You’re not confused about the work you’re here to do. You’re afraid of what other people will think if they see these parts of you.

You’re not confused about the course, the meetup, the workshop you want to offer and how much it should cost. You’re afraid you are not enough to pull it off.

In the story of confusion, you flap around like a fish out of water. You do all the “busy” work to help you feel accomplished; like you actually got something done but, still in the same place you were.

Your comfort zone.

You make enough money to get by while flying under the radar. Comfortable.

You work with people who don’t draw out the best of you. Easy.

Easy and comfortable until the discomfort in your comfort zone is too much to manage, life takes over and begins to push you out.

Push you out for you to step up.

Your credit cards max out. Your purse is stolen. You get laid off by your corporate job. Your bank account is empty. Your steady side gig or client no longer needs you.

Then you start putting bandaids on the gaping wounds. All your attention and energy goes to containing the eruption.

You try to find another ‘job’. You borrow money – again. You launch a course that flops (because everyone can feel your fear energy). You distract and numb yourself with the other people’s drama, TV, food, alcohol. You use some spiritual bypassing mindfuckery to lie to yourself about what is really going on.

The push is life pulling out the comfort zone rug for you to step up and do the damn things you’re here to do.

Share your truth, your voice, your message, your healing, your art…

To do the thing that scares the crap out of you.

The things that stir up all your inner limitations and senses of security and safety.

And, isn’t that exactly what you’re here to do? Create change and cause a ripple effect in the world? Stir things up? Do things differently than they’ve ever been done before?

It is why it’s been so hard for you – you’re trying to do it another’s way when it’s YOUR WAY that is needed.

The world is ready and waiting for you to get out of the way. For you to do the things you are contracted to do here in this lifetime.

To be the truth teller, wave maker, status quo shaker-upper.

It begins with you.

You’re not confused. You’re afraid of the truth that lies within you. You’re afraid to get honest with yourself because of the ripple effect it will have in your own life. Afraid to let go of the illusion of control (you’re actually creating it ALL. Why not create for your own good??)

You want to be free from your fears? You’ve got to get super honest with yourself about what it is you really want, who you really are, and what you’re here to do.

Self-honesty and letting who you are flow through you is WAY easier than this confusion game and energy drain you’ve been trying to manage.

Start with: Don’t allow fear to be your story and get super honest with yourself.

Your truth will shake you. It will shake free the false constructs you’ve built to keep yourself small, just enough, hiding out.

From there, all you’ve been banging in your head about, struggling with, and forcing to make work, will flow with ease.

Because it’s natural for you.

It’s not as hard as you’ve made it out to be. It’s just different. And you wanting to fit in and not rock the boat. Because if you are seen, everyone will see what you’re hiding from yourself.

The way out is in.

All you seek is within you. Under the confusion. Under the fears. Under the insecurity and self doubt. Under the bullshit stories you tell yourself about why you can’t.

The leap is in front of you because you’re ready. You’ve got to let go of all the things you’re grasping onto. You’ve got to remember – beneath it all, you’re empowered beyond measure.

Get out of the way and let it flow.

Doors to Empower are now open. For the fierce ones who are ready to do what it takes and transition into the life you’ve visioned and dreamt of and share your message with the world.

It is for the sensitive leaders and empathic entrepreneurs whose essence is here to have a ripple effect.

Six weeks, private one on one energy reading, channeled guidance, energy alchemy, and quantum leaps.

I’ll identify to the core and pluck out the stuck point that’s held you back and in self-sabotage patterns. I’ll clear the belief, fear, pattern and the energies holding it all in place.

You’ll get clarity on what your natural gifts and talents are and what you truly desire to be the expression of.

You’ll tap into the vibrational match of the next level version of you and begin living into who you’re here to be.

Finally. Fearlessly.

Details and to apply here.

P.S. As of posting this, there are only 5 spaces left for this private, high touch, high support, quantum leaping mentoring journey.  New cycles will open in 7 weeks. 


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