It’s okay if you don’t feel okay.

Does it feel intense? It’s okay if you don’t feel okay. You feel more than most are willing to. Your sensitivities are a precious gift and they are being upgraded now. ⁣

Don’t compare yourself. Everyone has their own journey. Many won’t understand. ⁣

Whatever is up for you, it’s best not to resist it. ⁣

Go in far enough to allow yourself to shed. Let the energy serve you. Give yourself what you need. ⁣

Cancel the plan, sleep, dance, bath, hike, cry, scream…⁣

Others are going through their own cycle; don’t take anything personally. Whatever is triggered within you, is for you. ⁣

Think of the full moon energy coming through like a street sweeper. A little disruptive and messy but, it takes the dirt away. ⁣

When the intensity hits, keep it simple… Breath, presence, and self-compassion.⁣

Allow the sweep. Allow the cleaning. ⁣

You will feel better, be stronger and have sharper senses through the other side of this. ⁣

You’ve got this. ❤️⁣


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