When things get tough, do you break down or rise up?

When something doesn’t go your way, work out, have the results you anticipated and hoped for, what happens?
Do your emotions take over?
Do you get lost in the circumstance?
Does your mind follow down the path of all that went wrong and try to figure out why?
Or do you RISE UP and choose for yourself?
Choose how you’re going to feel.
Choose how you will respond.
Choose what action or non-action to take.

Your responses have been conditioned. Are they working for or against you?

The conditioning comes from your past. Passed down, taught, trained, chosen.
And, you have the capability to shift the conditioning, what you’ve been taught, told. It begins with awareness.
This morning something I was hoping would be resolved, wasn’t. I felt an inner part of myself rise up with disappointment and a dash of frustration.
In the past (way past), total temper tantrums took over. Emotions overflowing and beyond control.
Days, weeks, months caught up in a story of circumstance. A subconscious part of me had taken over.
It sometimes appeared in the name of “healing”.
Let me tell you… there is a fine line between healing and distraction.
Through my journey, I have learned the difference. So, no harm, no foul. It gave me what I need to know to share with others about how to open your mind, #unfuckyourmind , to other possibilities.
For self-awareness.
Self empowerment.
Remembering who you truly are.
The past no longer exists. All we have is now.

We have the power to shift our conditioning and responses. And, therefore, shift our experiences. Every single moment.

That inner part that rose up with disappointment?… Simply a need rising up to be recognized or an inner belief to be examined. Or maybe source / the universe / God pointing me in another direction.
The inner needs… They can no longer be bypassed. And, the programmed conditions don’t need to be driving your bus either.
The inner beliefs… They are what create your circumstances. Certainly worth taking a moment to see what is being reflected back.
Being pointed in another direction… Surrender, Trust, Faith.
No emotions necessary.
Are you ready to change your circumstances? Do you want to feel empowered in your life? Do you want to be the driver in the manifestation bus?
Take a look at your responses to what is happening in your life. Your feelings are a signal to an inner belief.
Both, your feelings and responses, you have the capacity to shift and change.

You do not have the capacity to change the things outside of you. Stop putting your energy there and go within.
And, not go within to get lost in mind space.
Go within and make the internal adjustments the external circumstances are pointing you toward.

You are way more powerful than you’ve been taught.

Have your emotions kept you in loops and patterns for too long? Are you ready to remember your power and drop into what surrender and allowing really means?
I have 2 spaces available for private, one on one clients.
This work is best fit for one who deeply knows more is available but, can’t quite seem to break through to the other side. You know you’ve been conditioned and taken on from others what isn’t your truth. You’re ready to tap deeply into Soul and allow the rest to strip away.
Message me for details. Let me know where you’re feeling limited and what you’re ready for. We’ll make sure we’re a good match before we carry forth.


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