Shadow aspects of self

When you unveil the inner aspects operating against your desires, you open the door to and have access to vast amounts of energy, creativity, clarity, inspiration, and motivation.

It’s not always the actions and “doing” that move you ahead.

It’s the inner work.

When I speak about shadow aspects, what I’m referring to are parts of yourself that have been split off from your wholeness. ⁣

These parts split off and take on roles of survival. ⁣

Your shadow aspects split off from experiences of trauma, pain, heartbreak, betrayal, abandonment… ⁣

Much of the splits happen in childhood when you didn’t have the emotional capacity to process what occurred. ⁣

Aspects split in adulthood when big life-changing events occur. ⁣

A lot of the time the events in adulthood are triggers from past pains not resolved. ⁣

These aspects were created to keep you safe but are no longer necessary and they are actually keeping you from what you want to experience. ⁣

These aspects once served you… They will do whatever is necessary to keep themselves safe until…⁣

You discover and unveil what is operating within.⁣

When you do, you have access to gifts, more of who you are, as well as potent energy to create with. ⁣

It is your awareness that something in your life isn’t working and up to you to make a conscious choice to do something different to experience different results.


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