Is Your Nervous System Blocking Your Success?

Inside this video, I share insight and tips to become aware of what is operating in your system and how you can overcome what may be blocking you.

You may not be achieving the success you desire in money, business, love, health because your nervous system does not have the bandwidth to hold the expanded and elevated energy of the experiences you desire.

This happens when unresolved trauma, old pain, limiting beliefs, fearful thoughts are running in the background of your system.

It is like the glass ceiling theory.

Resolving this does not have to take a long time nor are you required to revisit your past pains in depth.

You do have to choose to have more and better for yourself.


Relationship Triggers

The triggers are guiding us to heal old pain and break patterns.

Inside this video, I share how emotional triggers – through relationships – are guiding us to heal old pain, trauma, limiting beliefs and support us in breaking patterns that prevent us from allowing what we truly desire.

I share four practical actions you can take as the trigger occurs and emotional upheaval arises so you can break the cycle and release the energies.

More info, guidance, tools, and tips on my YT channel and at www.MakeBigMagic.com

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Be aware of the drama plotlines.

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Steer clear of those promoting fear.

Where you are headed, some are not coming with you.

Do not get drawn in by drama as life presents the experiences you called in to create the changes you seek.

It is happening for you. Because of you. 

Make Big Magic with what comes your way. 
You are that powerful!


Your Great Awakening

Do you have your popcorn ready?

The movie – The Great Awakening – is now premiering. ⁣

Many of us are at the same movie theatre, same movie, same characters but, perceiving completely different plot lines.⁣

The perception, plotline, and emotional triggers will be different for each of us. ⁣

What we perceive and see that triggers us, is FOR US. ⁣

The trigger is a call for a re-write. ⁣⁣

Arguing with, belittling, and pointing fingers at fellow attendees is where you’ll find the movie is playing you. ⁣

We cannot change what is on the screen. ⁣

We can only change what we project and receive back. ⁣

The plot twist… ⁣

We are also the director, producer, writer, editor, camera operator, casting director, craft services… of our life’s movie. ⁣

What we are triggered by shows us the inner script we are running.⁣

powerless, ⁣
limited, ⁣
doomed, ⁣
not enough, ⁣
insecure, ⁣
self-doubting, ⁣
afraid… ⁣

We’re triggered because what we are perceiving is fake news to the truth of who we really are.⁣

The truth is…⁣

Power is not outside of us. ⁣

No one is coming to save us. ⁣

It is US.⁣

Don’t like the movie? ⁣

Change the script. ⁣

Changing the script, deleting bad lines, eliminating characters, changing the plotline – it is a courageous, faith required journey. ⁣

To take responsibility for one’s life, inner terrain, and outcome requires courage, tenacity, trust, determination, strength…⁣

Not everyone will choose to live their best performance. ⁣

Some will remain in victim, blame, and martyr roles. ⁣

Don’t let that stop you from making the best of the rest of your life. ⁣

Defy the critics and those in the nosebleed seats. ⁣

Disregard the hecklers. ⁣

Roll out that red carpet and draw the curtains back.⁣

Believe in yourself so fiercely that no matter what plot twist comes your way, the commitment to yourself and your life is to allow it to be your best performance and artistic expression ever. 


The messages from your body

Got aches, pains, sciatica, digestion issues, tension, tightness, skin breakouts…?

⁣(I am not a doctor nor making any diagnosis claims. Trust yourself and the guidance to take actions your body is expressing)

Your body is expressing a message. ⁣
There is an emotional and energetic discord. ⁣

I read these messages very well and clearly.

I also know how to guide you through resolving them – and showing you how to do the same.

A client was having neck pain. I read her body and field (remotely) and identified the issue at the root cause.⁣

I did energy work on her and the pain was immediately resolved. ⁣

You aren’t meant to manage pain. ⁣
Are you to be free? ⁣
You have to choose. ⁣

When you’re ready, come find me.

I f*cking LOVE working with fierce ones who strive to be free and empowered.


There will always be excuses

Do you know there are buried beliefs or subconscious fears holding you back from taking the action and doing the things but, you don’t know what? ⁣⁣⁣⁣
That awareness is your invitation to to bring what has been in the dark into the light and let go for new rise up and shine through.
If you’re ready to unravel and unhinge where you mind has been hooked…, here is a simple practice. ⁣⁣
First, know there will always be EXCUSES to NOT do the things.⁣⁣
To not share your message or art,⁣⁣
to not speak your truth, ⁣⁣
to not end the relationship, ⁣⁣
to not start a business, ⁣⁣
to not make a move, ⁣⁣
to not invite people into your world, ⁣⁣
to not step out of the comfort zone…⁣⁣
– not the right timing⁣⁣
– don’t have, know, or am enough⁣⁣
– all the ways you could fail⁣⁣
– all the ways you could be hurt ⁣⁣
Our minds create narratives to prevent us from experiencing pain. ⁣⁣
Except, the problem is, those narratives also keep us from allowing the experiences and expressions of our heart and soul desires. ⁣⁣
Until you flip the script…⁣⁣
The second step is to create REASONS for making the choices that are in line with your desired outcomes. ⁣⁣
Because you desire to be fully expressed, ⁣⁣
:: you have wisdom to share, ⁣⁣
:: you desire deeper connection and intimacy, ⁣⁣
:: you want to feel good, ⁣⁣
:: you know more and better is available,⁣⁣
:: your comfort zone has become too uncomfortable…⁣⁣
We don’t necessarily need to know what is blocking us. ⁣⁣
We can simply rewrite the internal mechanisms to work FOR US rather than against. ⁣⁣
Take this process and delineate any area if your life – money, love, business / art, home, health…⁣⁣
Re-write reasons that work for you. ⁣⁣
The “how” to get there will show up – it’s not for you to figure out. ⁣⁣
The inspired actions and ideas will come through. ⁣⁣
It is then up to you to follow through.


Is there something in your way?

Do you know you’re in your own way? ⁣

Or you know SOMETHING is in your way, you have an idea what but, you can’t seem to get beyond this place you’ve been stuck in? ⁣

You do ALL.THE.THIGS but, still go nowhere? ⁣

Or you know what you need to do but are afraid? ⁣

I will bet you the thing keeping you stuck is NOT what you think it is. ⁣
When clients come to my work, they’ve been focused on trying to make the changes they know they need but feel stuck, in a pattern, or on a hamster wheel going nowhere. ⁣

Those who come to me already have a deep level of self-awareness. ⁣

When they tell me what’s been going on and where they want to be. ⁣

I read their field and see what is in their way – the core to the issue is typically several layers down than what is at the surface. ⁣

The deeper blocks are quite tricky to see for one’s self. They serve deep commitments and subconscious emotional protection. They don’t give up easy. ⁣

⁣I used to think the problem was my job, relationship, money, or my past. ⁣

Those were all just manifestations of the core issue.⁣

The core was stuff I couldn’t see on my own or I wasn’t ready to see at the time. ⁣

Apparently, I needed to get to a place where everything fell apart before I stepped up and through the fears. ⁣

It was then I knew there was something more happening than what met the eye and I wanted to understand what it all meant for me. ⁣

You don’t have to let it all fall apart to get to the core and you don’t have to figure it all out to know how to move through it. ⁣

Really. ⁣

It was my journey so I could come through and guide others. ⁣

Share the fast route – it’s something I do naturally. ⁣

You already know something is off. ⁣

You’re in a bit of denial, fear, or lack mentality. ⁣

The thing you’re avoiding will eventually blow up, tear down, fall apart. ⁣

I’m telling you… it doesn’t have to get to that point.⁣

I mean, we’ve advanced so much in technology – our weather can be reported 14+ days in advance. It wasn’t that long ago the tornado was upon you and that’s when you knew. ⁣

That’s me. Yeah, a tornado when it comes to shifting energy, patterns and beliefs.

What I mean is I’m more like an internal weather soul-caster. ⁣

:: I read your vibrational field and emotional patterns. ⁣
:: I see where the internal storm is brewing, where the emotional patterns originated.⁣
:: I guide you to creating vibrational shifts and change your experiences and emotional weather. ⁣

Astrology tells you what’s up. ⁣

I guide you how to move through it – emotionally and energetically empowered.⁣

It’s not the things outside you that matter. That’s the programming that’s kept you limited – having you focus outside yourself. ⁣

What you seek is within you. ⁣

If you’ve been feeling stuck, in your own way, doing all the things and going nowhere, there is programming that needs to be undone. ⁣

The undoing may not be in the way you think or learn. There are quicker, effective methods to clearing the mind clutter and energetic static.⁣

Then the rest of the ‘work’ is focused on tapping into the depths of who you are and navigating your Soul journey. ⁣

How much longer are you going to be in your own way of what is inevitable?⁣

It’s time for your advancement. ⁣
Be ahead of it. ⁣
Know how to navigate. ⁣

There is so much more to this life’s journey. ⁣

Are you ready to tap into that? ⁣

I have two spaces for qualified one on one clients. ⁣ Apply through this link.

This work is for those fiercely committed to doing what it takes to be a full on participant in their own life, ready to come home to themselves, align with Soul and surrender to the journey. ⁣

To not surrender is to suffer.

You have a choice. ⁣

What are you choosing? ⁣

If you believe you’re one of the fierce ones committed and ready to take yourself next level, message me with what you’re ready for and why. ⁣

Let’s see if we’re a good match to do the damn thing!


How can I help you?

We’ve advanced so much in technology – our weather can be reported 14+ days in advance.

It wasn’t that long ago the tornado was upon you and that’s when you knew.

That’s me. Yeah, a tornado when it comes to shifting patterns, limiting beliefs.

I also mean I’m more like an internal weather Soul-caster.

  • I read your vibrational field and emotional patterns.
  • I see where the internal storm is brewing, where the emotional patterns originated.
  • I guide you to creating vibrational shifts and change your experiences and emotional weather.
  • It’s time for your advancement.
  • Be ahead of it.
  • Know how to navigate.
  • There is so much more to this life’s journey.

Are you ready to tap into that?

What are you waiting for?


Going next level

You’ve got to be willing to put yourself into the next level of expansion you desire.

Be willing to make the conscious choice to go into the unknown, be uncomfortable, and do what it takes to have what you desire.

Let yourself be transformed and guided into who you need to be to have those experiences come through you.

If you have your own back, you can accomplish anything!


Dropping things…

Have you been breaking, dropping, misplacing things?

How about an overall feeling of indecisiveness, lost, bit sure what to do?

You’re shifting.
Your reality is changing.
You have the opportunity to leave old parts behind – behaviors, pains, patterns.

The new is ripe for picking.

Are you ready for it?


You are the weaver of your story

Do your stories weave magic or make barriers?

Do your stories get in the way of the things you say you want and are working toward?

Fears of being rejected?
Fear of failing?
Afraid of what others may think?
Fear of being successful?
Scared to be seen?

You can’t say you want the thing and hold the limiting belief and fears in place and achieve the outcome.

You have to have your beliefs on board before the thing/feeling/experience can happen.

Do you want a clue to your buried, limiting beliefs?

Listen to what you SAY about the things.

Hear them but, don’t listen.

Do the thing you know is going to get you closer to the thing you want.


Shadow aspects of self

When you unveil the inner aspects operating against your desires, you open the door to and have access to vast amounts of energy, creativity, clarity, inspiration, and motivation.

It’s not always the actions and “doing” that move you ahead.

It’s the inner work.

When I speak about shadow aspects, what I’m referring to are parts of yourself that have been split off from your wholeness. ⁣

These parts split off and take on roles of survival. ⁣

Your shadow aspects split off from experiences of trauma, pain, heartbreak, betrayal, abandonment… ⁣

Much of the splits happen in childhood when you didn’t have the emotional capacity to process what occurred. ⁣

Aspects split in adulthood when big life-changing events occur. ⁣

A lot of the time the events in adulthood are triggers from past pains not resolved. ⁣

These aspects were created to keep you safe but are no longer necessary and they are actually keeping you from what you want to experience. ⁣

These aspects once served you… They will do whatever is necessary to keep themselves safe until…⁣

You discover and unveil what is operating within.⁣

When you do, you have access to gifts, more of who you are, as well as potent energy to create with. ⁣

It is your awareness that something in your life isn’t working and up to you to make a conscious choice to do something different to experience different results.


Frustration is the guide

When you are faced with an opportunity that will help you get out of your own way and do the damn thing, that is when an underlying protection mechanism kicks in.

It is a part of you that says
– sharing your art,
– message,
– gifts are too vulnerable,
– you are too much,
– you don’t know enough,
– you don’t have the time,
– money,
– energy…

The reasons your ‘mind’ comes up with will appear rational. Rational to your comfort zone.

I go waaayyyy beyond my comfort zone in some areas of my life.

In others, I know where I attempt to stay “safe”.

It’s also where I am most frustrated at times…

The frustration tells me I am resisting something.

When you are aware, it then becomes a choice.

Some choices easier than others.



How often do you allow yourself to be diverted and distracted from what you want to accomplish or experience?

When you’re doing something beyond where you’ve been outside your comfort zone, distractions and diversions will come.

Many will take this as a ‘sign’ to not take the action or to not do the thing.

Others will see this as an invitation to dig deeper into their determination and keep going.

Energy and Life meet you where you are.

Choice is your SuperPower.


Integrity with self

It is in all the ways you go against your own truth, intuition, and standards, to not cause waves, that creates an internal war against yourself.

⁣⁣That internal war has a ripple effect on all areas of your life.

Because when you throw yourself under the bus and swallow your own truth, you show & tell the world, universe, people how you treat you. ⁣⁣

And life meets you there.

⁣⁣The choice is always yours.


Our emotions are our guide

Ask yourself… All that is triggering me…

Is it mine? Is it what I *really* believe?

Maybe you’re just pissed off and angry because you’ve been going against your own truth and knowing.

Maybe you’re triggered because your inner knowing is fighting against the forces that have been subduing you.

But, you don’t realize it’s not your fellow human being you need to fight because your mind has already been programmed.

The drip mind control has turned you into seeing your fellow humans as enemies walking too close to you exuding a boogeyman cloud – of nothingness.

Do your internal work. Set yourself free.

Your emotions will indicate where you are.


The Grand Awakening

The Grand Awakening is an invitation to clear up your inner world and release the density of unresolved emotions, trauma lodged in your body, and shame, fear, lack, and programming.

Free will choice is yours.

Stay or come with…?

Check out this video


Contributing to the divide?

Your rejection of another’s beliefs is furthering the collective divide. ⁣⁣

You want to see the split converge? ⁣⁣

Allow everyone to have their own experience.

Free of judgment. ⁣⁣

Your rejection is projection. ⁣⁣

Deal with whatever inner triggers you have about what another does or believes. ⁣⁣

Not only will you see your world change, how you feel changes too.


You are an Alchemist

There are aspects of you created to prevent yourself from feeling pain.

A way of protecting yourself from having what happened in the past happen again. ⁣⁣

The paradox is these aspects also prevent you from experiencing the experiences and pleasure you seek.⁣⁣

  • Love,
  • connection,
  • expression of your message,
  • abundance,
  • health,
  • happiness,
  • freedom…⁣⁣

When you choose more for your life, these hidden aspects, that run in autopilot, kick into gear and create chaos. ⁣⁣

Chaos of old pains not felt, the trauma lodged in the body, the unresolved emotions… all rise to the surface to move through. ⁣⁣

Chaos alchemy is the opportunity for creating new from the ashes of the old. ⁣⁣

Open yourself to all of it.

Let the old be burned away and the new alchemize from the ashes. ⁣⁣It is worth it, I promise you.⁣


As we shift…

Our bodies hold energies of emotions, past pains, unresolved traumas.

As we shift consciousness, our bodies shift.

We shift consciousness through our choices and natural evolution.

When there is less attachment to what is happening or defining a dx, the body will adjust with more ease as the energies move though.

You don’t have to get sick to rest through this process. Listen to what your body asks for and do it.

This process is not always convenient. It’s definitely worth it.

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