In-Person Workshop: Shadow Integration & Alchemical Activation 11/9/19

We are in shadow season; Scorpio season – where what has been under the surface rises up.

As above, so below.

What’s rising are denied aspects of yourself. Denied through pain, trauma, fear, betrayal – from others, from yourself.

At some point, denying these aspects was for your survival, to remain belonging.

In denying these aspects, you also deny your innate gifts, wild genius, power, insight, wisdom…

When you deny parts of yourself, it becomes more challenging to attract the experiences you desire… love, money, business, health, freedom, expression, inner peace, bliss, joy…

Here is a video I did on this topic – it will give you a good idea of what this workshop is about.

In this experiential workshop, you’ll be guided to connect with the denied aspect; a shadow aspect of yourself that is ready and waiting for you to integrate into your being.

Upon shadow integration, you’ll channel your very own, unique alchemical activation to use for your healing, expansion, ascension, creation…

Whether it be an inner child, a broken heart, a survival pattern, misguided fear, without integration these aspects cause all kinds of chaos and challenge – essentially working against your highest desires.

Join us in this workshop and learn the process of shadow integration and alchemical activations to use in your life’s journey.

When: Saturday, November 9, 2019
Time: 1:00 – 3:00 pm EST
Where: 33 N Main St Suite D, Wallingford, CT 06492
Investment: $25 pre-pay to reserve your space
Venmo = @kellyann-matuskiewicz
Bring: Your journal, something to write in and with

Optional: totem to charge with your energy and activation – jewelry, crystal, piece of clothing…


Are you in your own way?


Why you are not selling

In this replay from a Facebook Live, I share about –

“Why your intangible (coaching, healing, readings) products aren’t selling.

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Energy Healing, Mindset Coaching, Magic Mentorship, Tarot and Other Readings…”

Hint: It is not by creating something new.

It’s all within YOU.

I share key points in how to get out of the way and let yourself be seen, recognized, and reimbursed for your art, healing, message – Wild Genius and Gifts that come natural and easy to you.

Thanks for watching, commenting, and sharing. I love hearing from you.

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Thanks again!
Kelly Ann


When manifesting is hard

When manifesting is hard…

What do you want to manifest? Love, money, clients…?

Manifesting feels hard and isn’t working because it is not about ‘making something happen’; it is about ALLOWING it.

Allowing yourself to RECEIVE the Love, Money, Clients…

So you can –

– have the romantic partner who sees you, knows you, honors you.

– share your art, message, healing freely and with confidence.

– have the experiences money will allow.

What prevents you from allowing and receiving is an unfounded shame, guilt, fear, betrayal, heartbreak…

Those are just some of the invisible, subconscious barriers and walls you keep up to prevent the same past pain from happening again.

But, those same invisible barriers and walls also keep out what you’re desiring to manifest.

Manifesting is not an outward focus, it is an inner focus.

Clear the barriers and walls (while remaining empowered) and what is meant for you comes with ease.

The barriers and walls are within, not outside of you.  They manifest there for you to SEE what is happening inside.


When everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked…

This transmission came through strong as I was walking into the gym today… FEEL it as you listen.

It came through strong as I was walking into the gym today… FEEL it as you listen.

The change you seek happens from beyond your mind. And, from no longer seeking outside of you.

I’d love to hear what you received from this


Are your choices being led by your wounds or your wisdom?

WOUNDS will have you choose outcomes that are comfortable and familiar (to your personality and ego).

WISDOM will guide you to choices where outcomes are unknown, unfamiliar, and frightening (to your limitations).

CHOICE is your Super Power.

When you continue to make the same choices, you’ll continue to experience the same outcomes.

You can break the pain patterns and subconscious cycles by making choices that go beyond the known and comfortable.

Are you trusting your wisdom or your wounds?


Has stuff from your past been coming up wreaking havoc in your life?

Have your emotions been triggered into a uproar?

Are relationship patterns you thought you healed back with a vengeance?

Life chaos wreaking havoc and you’re barely holding on?

Wondering how much more you can take before you break?

There’s been a HUGE shift (still in effect).

The past pain, subconscious programming, and conditioning (family, society) is and has been uprooted for healing and transmuting.

If you’re feeling it, you can heal it.

You’re never given anything you can’t handle (although, it really will feel like too much. Hang in there!).

It’s like the acorn cracking to become the oak tree. 🌳 Or the caterpillar melting into muck to become the butterfly. 🐛🦋

Transformation and change aren’t easy.

But, you’ve called forth MORE from life. You cannot take with you what you’ve been allowing to hold you down. 💩

The pain isn’t who you are. The pain you’re feeling is the birthing of the NEW.

♦️Let it all move through you.

♦️ Stay out of your mind and the stories about what is happening.

♦️ Breathe through the discomfort.

♦️ Allow it to release from your being and energetic vibration.

♦️ Give yourself what you need.

The pain is not a stopping point, it’s a CHOICE point.

Keep going; you’ve got this!


Alchemical Activations

I recently tapped into high vibrational energetic frequencies. I was shown how to use them on others for healing, expansion, ascension, empowerment, receiving, worthiness….

I was using them with my clients and was guided to open the experience up to others and see what else was possible through working with these energies.

Here are some of the results.

As of this post, there are currently 4 different activations available.

  1. Receiving
  2. Empowerment
  3. Healing
  4. Worthiness

For some clients, only one activation is necessary or what they are ready for. For others, multiple activations are used.

These are available to anywhere in the world – they are remote and done at anytime of day / night.

They are available as stand-alone sessions (all through messaging / email).

Message me to reserve your Alchemical Activation today.


Human Heart + Masters Wisdom = SuperHuman

Clearing your heart allows the wisdom already within to integrate.

What you seek to experience is magnetized to you through this integration.

Clear your heart of anger, resentment, betrayal, insecurity, self doubt… Holding on to this gives the illusion of protection. It’s what attracts more of the same experiences.

Clearing, releasing, and healing opens the space for what you seek to meet you where you are.

Imbalances of your human self and Master self will show up in your body and mind. Not just your heart.

Clearing and healing your heart is the magic and creates the results you seek.

You, your life is worthy of the time, energy and attention the integration takes.

It doesn’t happen outside of you. It happens within you and the outside changes to match.

You’ll know where your focus is by how challenging it all feels.

Go in. Surrender and allow the integration process.

It’s so much easier than the fear will have you believe.


When the relationships are chaotic…

Chaos in relationships is designed to bring you back to LOVE.

Back to love to –

:: drop the walls around your heart (so you can let in what you really desire).

:: create strong boundaries and stand up for yourself (and stop taking shitty behavior).

:: get clear on what you will allow or not allow (stop settling. you’re getting exactly what you are aligned with).

:: release the false beliefs you hold about yourself (not enough, not worthy, not chosen).

The emotional response you have is your indicator something is out of alignment with who you really are – LOVE.

The chaos is reflecting back to you what you can’t see for yourself.

Don’t blame the other. When you do, you give your power away to them. Only you have the power to choose how you feel. No.Matter.What.

Clear the chaos…
* Take 100% responsibility for your response and what is happening – you called this into your life.
* Go within and ask yourself what meaning you’ve made about what happened.
* Heal the inner wound(s) attracting these experiences. The chaos comes to clear.
* Get clear about what you really want for yourself in relationships and fiercely choose it. (this is where many get stuck and allow default relationships)
* Be sure you are treating yourself the way you’d want another to treat you.

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