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Has your BODY been responding to this pandemic?

Welcome to your great awakening.

It ain’t pretty. And, there is a way through.

SuperHumans and Spiritual Gangsters, step up. This is what you have been asking for.



3 Mistakes in Manifesting

How I manifested an all-expense paid trip to a 4-day music festival AND

The 3 mistakes you are making in manifesting.


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Clear the inner clutter to hear clearly

Do you get tangled up in trying to make the decisions and best choices for yourself?

Your initial “hit” is right on.

Anything after that is fear. 



Who is making your choices?

Are you making choices guided by your knowing and aligned with what you really want?

Or are you choosing from where you are now and what you’re afraid of losing?

The first will make alllll the difference in your outcome.


The good stuff is outside your comfort zone

Are you really choosing what you say you want for yourself? Or is there an inner voice that pops in and tells you all the reasons you can’t have it, do it, be it? ⁣⁣⁣

I had one. ⁣

I called this survival aspect of myself the “problem creator”. ⁣

A while back I fired it. But, first I had to become aware of it. ⁣

It was not about the external circumstances manifesting. ⁣

It was about how I was creating, participating and being available for them. ⁣

Once I was aware, I had a choice. ⁣

I chose to no longer available for the “problem creator” and, because this aspect was so good and effective, I rehired it with a new role of “Possibilities Creator”. ⁣

It has been working out well. ⁣

My piece is to listen, follow the guidance, and take the actions. ⁣

Even when it doesn’t make sense or when it feels scary. ⁣

It’s going to feel scary outside you’re comfort zone. ⁣

That’s why making choices guided by your knowing and aligned with what you really want versus where you are and what you’re afraid of losing will make alllll the difference in the outcome and your life experiences. ⁣

Are you ready for the new you desire to come through? One space is available for one to one mentorship right now. Message me and tell me what you’re ready for.


Do you believe change has to take a long time?

This client went from stuck at SINGLE for a long while to 2 dates in one week – in less than an hour.

When you get to the core of what is malfunctioning, EVERYTHING can shift.

Here’s the millions dollar question…

Will you allow the shift? 😉

In this session, I did some heart healing with this beautiful soul. Spirit showed me a prominent relationship from her past that left some wounds.

I focused the heart healing within her and between them. She could see how that pattern continued in relationships that followed. She had been single for a while and quite frustrated.

When we have these open wounds, we tend to do all we can to keep the wound from being poked. That includes keeping the love we really want at arms length away from us – unconsciously and energetically.

It was a beautiful and gentle process where she felt a shift and changed the story about her experience. And then was asked out on two dates

When we shift the energy within and are able to see our story differently, our experience shifts.

I feel so honored to do this sacred work with beautiful people who are totally ready to shift what’s in their way of having the love and life they desire.


Subconscious STOP patterns

Are you aware of the pattern of where you stop yourself when it becomes uncomfortable? 🔥

Sure, you don’t want to keep putting your hand on a hot stove 🔥- that is going to cause damage.

But, growth – it is uncomfortable AND it brings you closer to what you have asked for.

Life is always for you. But, you keep pulling away when the universe brings you what you want because of discomfort.

Because it doesn’t look like what you expect it. Life has a way of bringing you shortcuts that will not match up or make sense.

Your gut knows. Your intuition knows but, you aren’t listening so, it pulls away and gets quieter.

Those patterns you’re wanting to break and the pain programming you’re wanting to be free from – the process is uncomfortable.

And by avoiding the discomfort of growth and healing, it’s like keeping your hand on the stove. 🔥

You always have choice. Wherever you are now is alright.

But, if you know you want more and better and to be free… understand there is more going on under the surface and beyond your MIND. #unfuckyourmind

The pain programming and limiting patterns will tell you it’s too scary, too hard, too much money, you don’t have time for it, no one else sees the value, other people will be uncomfortable….

THOSE are the VERY beLIEfs, patterns, and programming in the way of what you say you want for yourself.

You’ve placed your power outside of you when you let the patterns, fear, and programming decide for you.

You’ll know when you’ve become too comfortable inside your comfort zone.

📸: me. How I stroll into the discomfort and out of my comfort zone. 🔥


On allowing…

Do you swat away the things you say you want? With “logical” reasons… money, time, not enough?

What you need comes to you. It just doesn’t always look like what you’d expect.

When it is not in the format, package you expect or you can’t see the direct connection to your desired outcome, that gives the ego a chance to say “no” to your desires, next level life, healing…

Trust the energy.

Trust what you feel.

Your inner guidance is stronger than ego and pain programming.

You just may need to work on that muscle a bit.

PS as you integrate your soul and human experience, you go beyond the limitations of “logic” and deep into self trust.

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