Has stuff from your past been coming up wreaking havoc in your life?

Have your emotions been triggered into a uproar?

Are relationship patterns you thought you healed back with a vengeance?

Life chaos wreaking havoc and you’re barely holding on?

Wondering how much more you can take before you break?

There’s been a HUGE shift (still in effect).

The past pain, subconscious programming, and conditioning (family, society) is and has been uprooted for healing and transmuting.

If you’re feeling it, you can heal it.

You’re never given anything you can’t handle (although, it really will feel like too much. Hang in there!).

It’s like the acorn cracking to become the oak tree. 🌳 Or the caterpillar melting into muck to become the butterfly. 🐛🦋

Transformation and change aren’t easy.

But, you’ve called forth MORE from life. You cannot take with you what you’ve been allowing to hold you down. 💩

The pain isn’t who you are. The pain you’re feeling is the birthing of the NEW.

♦️Let it all move through you.

♦️ Stay out of your mind and the stories about what is happening.

♦️ Breathe through the discomfort.

♦️ Allow it to release from your being and energetic vibration.

♦️ Give yourself what you need.

The pain is not a stopping point, it’s a CHOICE point.

Keep going; you’ve got this!


Alchemical Activations

I recently tapped into high vibrational energetic frequencies. I was shown how to use them on others for healing, expansion, ascension, empowerment, receiving, worthiness….

I was using them with my clients and was guided to open the experience up to others and see what else was possible through working with these energies.

Here are some of the results.

As of this post, there are currently 4 different activations available.

  1. Receiving
  2. Empowerment
  3. Healing
  4. Worthiness

For some clients, only one activation is necessary or what they are ready for. For others, multiple activations are used.

These are available to anywhere in the world – they are remote and done at anytime of day / night.

They are available as stand-alone sessions (all through messaging / email).

Message me to reserve your Alchemical Activation today.


Human Heart + Masters Wisdom = SuperHuman

Clearing your heart allows the wisdom already within to integrate.

What you seek to experience is magnetized to you through this integration.

Clear your heart of anger, resentment, betrayal, insecurity, self doubt… Holding on to this gives the illusion of protection. It’s what attracts more of the same experiences.

Clearing, releasing, and healing opens the space for what you seek to meet you where you are.

Imbalances of your human self and Master self will show up in your body and mind. Not just your heart.

Clearing and healing your heart is the magic and creates the results you seek.

You, your life is worthy of the time, energy and attention the integration takes.

It doesn’t happen outside of you. It happens within you and the outside changes to match.

You’ll know where your focus is by how challenging it all feels.

Go in. Surrender and allow the integration process.

It’s so much easier than the fear will have you believe.


When the relationships are chaotic…

Chaos in relationships is designed to bring you back to LOVE.

Back to love to –

:: drop the walls around your heart (so you can let in what you really desire).

:: create strong boundaries and stand up for yourself (and stop taking shitty behavior).

:: get clear on what you will allow or not allow (stop settling. you’re getting exactly what you are aligned with).

:: release the false beliefs you hold about yourself (not enough, not worthy, not chosen).

The emotional response you have is your indicator something is out of alignment with who you really are – LOVE.

The chaos is reflecting back to you what you can’t see for yourself.

Don’t blame the other. When you do, you give your power away to them. Only you have the power to choose how you feel. No.Matter.What.

Clear the chaos…
* Take 100% responsibility for your response and what is happening – you called this into your life.
* Go within and ask yourself what meaning you’ve made about what happened.
* Heal the inner wound(s) attracting these experiences. The chaos comes to clear.
* Get clear about what you really want for yourself in relationships and fiercely choose it. (this is where many get stuck and allow default relationships)
* Be sure you are treating yourself the way you’d want another to treat you.


To create the change you seek…

Affirmations and mantras don’t achieve the change you desire because they’re running through the same place your limitations, blocks and fears were created – in your CONSCIOUS MIND.

To create the changes you desire to achieve (money, love / partner, health, business), the core programming – in your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND *and* ENERGY FIELD / BODY (the energy piece is what many miss) – must be addressed.

It’s exactly why you are doing all the things but, changes don’t last, you still feel stuck, or can’t break the patterns.

You’ve got to get to the root of where everything is operating from.

When you do, everything changes.


Guilt: Poison to Your Purpose

Who are YOU to be happy, wealthy, fit, in love, free…living the life you desire? 

Click picture for video
click picture for video

🤯 It’s not that you aren’t deserving or worthy of the relationship, money, business, life you want… it’s the unfounded guilt about being happier than those around you – parents, family, friends…

🤯 It’s not that you’re afraid to share your message, healing or art… it is the unfounded guilt about the life you’ll create and have by showing up and sharing who you are. 

🤯 It’s not that you need another process, modality, or blueprint… it’s unfounded guilt about allowing life to be easy by using your Wild Genius and Natural Gifts that come easy to you. 

Your Purpose is about what matters to you. There isn’t anything you need to or should do other than be you. 

🌈 Naturally being you has a ripple effect on those who cross your path. 

There is a journey within you that is available to unfold – with ease

Yet, the human – along with programming and conditioning – has gotten in the way. 

The human parts that you can allow to fall away and let your life be about experiencing your Soul, Heart, Essence.

It’s the human parts that got caught up in things outside yourself and making them  matter more than what you think, truly desire, and feel. 

💣 Buying into unfounded guilt is taking responsibility for how another feels.

It’s not just the guilt… It is what’s under the guilt and what holds it all in place. 

And you operating your life and making choices from that space. 

You believe you’re not moving forward in life, love, money, business because you don’t know enough, aren’t worthy, don’t deserve… 

All false and stemming from unfounded guilt. 

You can change your mind about guilt. But, if your circumstances don’t change, there is something under the guilt keeping you from allowing yourself what you desire. 

It’s a mindfuck. 🙊

You can be doing all the things and be going nowhere. 🌪

I see you show up and try so hard to share who you are and get engagement. 

It all feels hard because there is an inner battle that’s actually keeping you from having what you’re trying to hard to accomplish. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s love, money, business, health you desire… 

💥 If you have subconscious, underlying agreements UNDER unfounded guilt, you’re going to keep spinning in circles – going nowhere. 

💥 You can do all the things but, if the reality of having it is opposed to your inner agreements, nothing is going to come to fruition. 

➡️ If your comfort zone is no longer comfortable and you’re done spinning in circles and being stuck in patterns, let’s pluck the core out of what’s keeping you locked in. 

Embodied Mastery.

You and I together for 6 weeks where I’ll identify the core belief and attachment preventing you from the forward momentum, flow and soul living you know is possible but, can’t seem to lock into. 

With the cog in the wheel cleared, it is all about your creation. 

Your purpose flows through, creativity expands, confidence exudes, motivation and inspiration set free.

In this work, incomes have tripled 💸💰💵, dreams implemented 🎨, ideas birthed, opportunities manifested ❤️…

It’s like taking the boulder out of the way and allowing the river to flow through. 

🌊 What life is ready to flow through you?

Message me to apply or ask your question. There are six spots currently available. We start Friday, 9/13 (3 days!). 

There is also a sacred retreat option – with the course or on its own. The retreat is in CT 9/20-9/22.

Details in this link

With the programming and conditioning cleared out of the way, who is the YOU underneath it all?  

What matters most to YOU? 

That’s your Purpose. ⬆️


Embodied Mastery: Integrating Your SuperHuman

You cannot live a SuperHuman life (5D and above) while you have fear and limitation programming running in the background (3D and below).

What is a SuperHuman life?

✌️Living your fullest expression,
✌️Allowing your Wild Genius and Natural gifts to be free,
✌️Listening to your gut and intuition AND following through – even when it doesn’t make sense to the mind,
✌️Unhooking from the spiritual golden carrots and tuning in to what is real and RIGHT for YOU…

So what? What is it all good for?

Well…All the things you desire to experience – the LOVE, Money, Booming Business, Healthy Body, Freedom… – ALL begin within.

Within YOU. You, the SuperHuman.

You see, part of the programming and conditioning has been to train you to look OUTSIDE yourself for attainment, value and worthiness.

Essentially detaching you from the essence you are.

You were taught, from a young age, that what made you a valuable human BEing was the popularity, a hot body, cars, homes, the relationship, money…

All of that is TOTALLY possible and AVAILABLE to you. It is your Divine right. But, it is NOT who you are.

When you have the courage to unhook, trust yourself, and allow consciousness to move through you, your life becomes a mystical masterpiece for you to craft.

If you’ve gotten this far, you get what I am saying and it is likely tingling something within you.

For others, the programming and conditioning already judged this as ‘woo woo’ and kept scrolling.

Not you. YOU know more is possible and available.

Join me for Embodied Mastery.

This is next level one on one mentoring where I’ll be your Guide for 6 weeks to clearing away the programming, conditioning, and limitations keeping you from allowing the life and experience your heart and soul crave.

Breaking free is what stirs up the fear and limitations programmed within to keep you in line and contained. It is what keeps you going back into cycles and patterns you haven’t been able to break free from.

If your heart and Soul are craving to be set free and your being is ready to be held in sacred space as you courageously explore your inner landscape, this course is for you.

There is so much more than can be said about what happens in working with me. It barely can be put to words.

I channel an energy of change and transformation. When you step inside a container with me, the fields, grids, energies, and consciousness converges.

  • I can read your coding.
  • I see where your limited programming lies.
  • I see your conditioning and what it will take to unhook.

But, most importantly – it is about YOU and what is available to you.

This is not a canned course that everyone gets. It is a custom-designed unfolding for YOU. Channeled guidance, energy clearings, and activations specifically for the shifts and changes you are ready for.

I am holding space for 6 people to participate. This is a high touch, high-value support.

We begin Friday, September 13th and together for 6 weeks. 
You’ll be inside a sacred container where alchemy naturally occurs. 

You’ll have weekly 30 minute calls and 24/7 access to me and all my gifts for your use (energy clearing, activations, intuitive readings…). 

When we are through,

  • you’ll have clarity on YOUR dreams, desires, mission, message, vision – because all the “shoulds and have to’s” will be cleared, 
  • you’ll have an understanding and feel comfortable in owning your gifts, genius, and extra senses, within you, 
  • the hidden fears and limiting thought patterns will be cleared;  upgraded consciousness in its place,
  • you’ll have the inspiration and motivation to take the forward steps in being your full expression – through your art, message, healing, and simply BEING YOU.

Investment for this level is $1,997.

The next level option includes all of the above PLUS a two-night sacred ceremony in CT for the Fall Equinox energy – September 20-22.  

This option is $2,600.

Message me to apply or ask your questions. No pressure at all; it is about making sure this is a fit for each of us.

You are already a Master… Is it time for you to embody it?


When you feel stuck and frustrated…

You are not doing it wrong. It’s just there is an easier way.

{Getting out of the way and allowing your Healing, Art, and Business to rise up and come through you with EASE}

Are you frustrated and wondering where the money and your mission is?

Have you been doing all the things to get you, your heart, your healing, your wisdom, your work of art out into the world but, the bills aren’t getting paid by months end?

You know what you have within you creates ripple effects of change for the people who connect with you but, no one is seeing or hearing you.

Dribs and drabs of connections occur with huge lulls in between.

You think…Is it my messaging or website? I need new photos, I need to learn that other process and get certified!

Yeah! That’ll do it!

But, it doesn’t.

It feels like you’re putting all this effort in and nothing is happening. You’re doing all the things and no one responds to your posts, offers or comes to your workshop.

You think about quitting.

Then you consider the alternative (a job, live with parents, keep going deeper into debt) and that’s a huge Fuck NO for you!

Then what?

The entire cycle starts all over again. Messaging, marketing, learn another technique, update website, create a course…..



And, you are right.

Firstly, you don’t need anything more to be you. You are enough.

You’ve just gotten in your head a little and taken on stuff that is not yours.

You needed their certifications to get you where you are now, but their blueprints and processes are not working for you.

There is a Rebel within you who always wanted to do things their way and you’ve been limiting and restricting the expression by following others guidelines and rules (you might not even realize how deep it goes).

But you… YOU have a unique way of bringing healing, change, inspiration, and transformation into the world.

No one does it like you do.

But, you’ve gotten in your own way.

Your healing, art, and business is a consciousness that YOU are the channel and expression of.

Trying to hold it back, control what it is or force the flow makes what you want to do that much more challenging.

It is less about doing and more about BEING.

Being patient, surrendering to flow, and allowing life to come to you… not so easy either.

Letting it be easy isn’t a mind thing; it’s a consciousness thing.

Letting it be easy is releasing restrictions, limitations, and control.

Letting it be easy is allowing what is already within to rise up and come through.

You’re not doing it wrong. But, are you doing it YOUR WAY?

If you know there more to come through you and you’re ready to get out of the way and let it rise up and through you, join me for Rebel Rising.

It is a six week one on one intensive where I’ll identify the limiting aspects having you feel frustrated and held back. (Imagine KNOWING THE THING that’s been blocking you?)

I’ll guide you through the ins and outs of moving through what arises as you get out of the way and allow. (These ins and outs are patterns that stop you and you subconsciously follow)

Clarity and CONFIDENCE rise up. You drop into ease and feel at peace as you allow the expression of your healing, art, business consciousness to rise up and through you.

You are in a deep state of TRUST – of yourself, life, and your intuition – as you follow the guidance that comes to you.

It is all about YOU, your way.

Rebel Rising begins 8/8. There are 7 spaces left. Message me to apply or to ask your questions.

Additionally, ask me about the optional sacred ceremony in Connecticut that would be a supportive adjunct to the work we do inside Rebel Rising. 

Are you ready to do it your way, the easy way, Rebel?


Do you feel like giving up?

Have you been thinking about giving up and quitting your business? Has it felt heavy to share your message and art?

Is there more stress and overwhelm than you imagined for being a creative entrepreneur?

{When you’ve tried EVERYTHING and you still can’t seem to break through, be the fullest expression of you, and be paid for the transformation your gifts bring through to others}

It’s not that you don’t have all it takes. You do.

Actually, you have SO MUCH MORE within you that’s been untapped and hidden.

But, you thought what you were doing wasn’t working and you needed to learn some new thing.

You don’t need anything more or new.

You’ve veered off from your true north to learn another technique or gain another certification because you believed you weren’t enough.

You’ve been trying to do you through another’s blueprint and process but, you’re going against your own current.

It’s not that no one signed up for your course or workshop because you didn’t market it enough.

They didn’t come because they can’t see you behind the mask.

It’s not necessarily a scary or fraud mask.

It’s a mask of what you think you should do, what you actually do to fit in, and what you’re not doing to prevent waves or chaos from erupting.

The mask covering the full you.

Your full Wild Genius is natural and easy to you, but you don’t let it come through and be expressed because there is no certification for it or you feel too vulnerable to share this piece of you.

Are you masking your full Natural Gifts because you’re afraid if another questions you, you don’t have anything to back it up except your OWN KNOWING?

The mask is boring.

The people you want to reach are bored or can’t even see you.

It’s like you’re a 5 year old wearing your mother’s dress suit and bonnet. You’re cute but…

You’re frustrated and not getting very far.

You can’t hold up the charade and mask much longer.

Your business isn’t making money. Your creativity is fizzling out. Your insecurities and self doubt are rising. And you’re ready to quit. Again.

Not so fast.

The only thing you need to be quitting is how hard you’re trying and what you’re saying to yourself about it all.

Then unhook yourself from the mindfuckery you’re tangled up in and peel off the mask.

And come back to your true north and connect with your Wild Genius and Natural Gifts so they TRUST YOU to flow through freely.

You don’t need to learn something more.

It’s all within you ready to be shared and expressed YOUR WAY.

Maybe it’ll take kickin the ass of self doubt, tossing aside insecurities, setting fear aflame.

Perhaps it’s peeling away the masks of the “good girl, people pleaser” or plucking out the root of the ever so seductive “fraud complex”.

From there space is open to embody the badass you are and confidently show up unapologetically.

Because holding back and wearing masks is costing you too much.

If you know there is a fuller expression of you ready to come through and you’re ready to DO IT ALL YOUR WAY, let’s chat.

Rebel Rising is a six week one on one intensive where mindfuckery, habits and fear are kicked to the curb.

Your relationship with what is beyond the mask is deepened.

You’ll magnetize people to you because the mask you hid behind is no longer there.

Your Wild Genius is and Natural Gifts come to the surface.

Confidence emerges and creativity floods through.

You’ll boldly move forward and share your work, art, courses with soul aligned clients.

Nothing stops you because tapping into all that is you is waaaaay easier than trying to hide and hold back.

Are you ready to allow that Rebel, who wants to do it their way, to rise up and BE?

You and me, 30 min sessions for 6 weeks and voxer support through it all.

You’ll have clarity on what your message and Genius is.

You’ll have trust in yourself and feel safe in sharing your gifts.

You’ll hear and know the guidance that comes through for the next steps to keep you aligned and vibing with those your message and art is meant to impact.

All by BEING YOU. Your way, Rebel.

8 spaces. We start 8/8. Your investment 1997 with payment plans available. Message me and let’s be sure its a fit for what you’re ready for.


Your crazy is what they seek

Your brand of crazy is exactly what your clients are looking for.

{Why it’s been hard to attract ideal clients and the simple shift to click in}

There are plenty of love, light, boss babes out there. Your level of spice, energy, truth is what your ideal client is seeking.

Who you are you can’t be learned in a workshop or by getting certified.

Certify yourself, babe.

The very thing about you that you’ve been told is “wrong or bad” or that you need to change is very likely your Wild Genius.

But, because others couldn’t handle it and you learned to squash it down and hide parts of you.

And it’s impacting your business and your money.

In fact, when I clear the core fear and energy holding a client back, ALL areas of their lives shift.

Romantic partners can now find them, soul tribe friends show up, raving fans share their work for them, they lose weight, opportunities appear “out of nowhere”, they take the bold leaps and make fierce choices that align them with the experiences their heart desires.

You can’t hide one part of yourself without other parts being hidden.

Were you told there was something you needed to hide or hold back about yourself?

Did you trigger others by simply being you?

What are you afraid of will happen if you were to unleash what is within you?

What could be possible if you did???

Kelly Ann

You’re meant to show up and share your message, healing, and art YOUR WAY.

Join me for Rebel Rising. It is a six week one on one intensive where you’ll clear the clutter holding back what is real, right and natural for you.

You’ll embody your genius and gifts and confidently share who you are and magnetize to you those you’re here to have an impact.

You’ll tap into your flow and operate from a rhythm that works for you and how you want to show up.

You’ll release the fears, insecurities and mind fuckery that has held you back and be free to share and express yourself unapologetically.

You can do it your way. Let’s find out what that is for you and let it flow through.

Message me for the details. We’ll chat, pressure free, and see if this is a good fit.

Your investment is $1,997 (payment plans available). We start 8/8/19. There are 8 spaces available.

There is also an optional, additional in-person 2 day / overnight retreat in Connecticut on 9/20 & 9/21.

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