Are you really choosing?

When you REALLY choose for yourself, what has kept you from allowing what you desire, will rise to the surface.

What rises up will show you what is not in alignment with what you say you want for yourself.

You can have it all.

And you may need to let go of some things that are not a match to your desires.

While you can have it all, you will have to let go of –

  • what others might think about you as you’re making choices for yourself they can’t and won’t make for themselves.
  • needing to know if it’s going to work out or not before you take the chance.
  • what distracts you from your path and journey.
  • not believing in yourself.
  • the people pleaser, victim, child, prostitute from within you.
  • of giving your power to anything or anyone outside of yourself.

Choice is your Super Power.

Your choice will obliterate what is not aligned.

Really choose what you say you want for yourself.

Choose to keep moving forward – even in the discomfort or fear.

Choose to do the inner work required to move the energy and consciousness through you.

Definitely take emotions out of it. The stories you tell yourself about what is happening come from unresolved emotions, attachments, fears, ego…

Choose to take the actions you are guided to take – as scary or as out of your comfort zone they are, and even when the step / action  doesn’t make sense.

What is through and on the other side is a greater payoff than holding yourself back in the above ways.


Is it time for you to step up and in?

I’m just back from the dentist where I requested they take my temperature from my wrist vs pointing a laser at my head 👁. (Otherwise, I was not coming). ⁣⁣
Are you refraining from showing up and acting on what you believe because you are afraid of what someone might think or say to you about the choices you make for you? ⁣⁣
When you -⁣⁣
💫 honor and stand for your rights, ⁣⁣
💫 hold your boundaries, ⁣⁣
💫 speak your truth…⁣⁣
the only push back or fight you’ll experience is from those who don’t hold these for themselves or who are attempting to take them from you. ⁣⁣
Do not comply because it’s more comfortable to do so. ⁣⁣
Do not waiver because another is pushing your comfort. ⁣⁣

✔️ Do your research. ⁣⁣
✔️ Know your rights. ⁣⁣
✔️ Have your own back. ⁣⁣
✔️ Speak your truth even if your voice shakes. ⁣⁣
When you go against you, you’ve already lost. And THAT has a huge ripple effect is all areas of your life. ⁣⁣
Many people before us fought for the freedoms we have. They’ve died for them. ⁣⁣
Are you going to give in, collapse, or go against yourself because of… feelings? ⁣⁣
Become comfortable with discomfort. ⁣Learn to work with energy and transmute it. ⁣
You are here to be the change.


Do you feel like “it’s meant to be easier”?

You’re right!

Here is a replay of a live video where I share about why your hustle is not working. 

If you are not having the results you desire, watch this video.

There is an easier way.  YOUR WAY. 


Choice is your superpower

Have you heard me share about the power of your choice?

If not, catch up here:  #choiceisyoursuperpower (click for my Instagram posts on it; Facebook here)

Your choices are what put the energy into motion.

The challenges I see many face in allowing the choices to materialize is where their mind, energy, consciousness, and emotions are operating from.

Check out the posts where I share how to #unfuckyourmind (click for my Facebook posts on it; Instagram here)


Conscious, Empowered Creation

Do you see a common thread below?

:: Quantum mechanics says, reality is what you choose it to be.

:: A Course in Miracles teaches a shift in perspective creates miracles.

:: The meaning of life is the meaning you choose to give it.

The common thread is YOU.

Choice, perspective, meaning… putty you create your experiences from. ⁣

Your feelings drive the energy to materialize. 

The challenges many face in this arena are where their mind, energy, consciousness, and emotions are operating from. #unfuckyourmind


Where your attention goes, energy flows.

I didn’t –
:: heal decade-plus of trauma I experienced by focusing on what happened to me,

:: lose 100 pounds by drilling into why I couldn’t lose weight,

:: create my life and relationships by focusing on the limitations I was conditioned by,

:: open a business in alternative healing modalities by worrying about failing or what others would think…

I focused forward. It wasn’t always easy.

There is a pull, an addiction to healing, and programming that keeps you trapped in cycles and patterns.

To create new, you will break rules, you will unhinge from what you’ve been told, you will be a rebel to those who want to tame you.

You will #unfuckyourmind and set yourself free.

Not everyone will come with you.

Is your fear of going it alone, looking insane, or not fitting in keeping the life meant for you trapped inside?

You may look crazy to others. I became accustom to it. UNTIL I shifted my reality in such a way I drew others, like me, into my life.

Those who know, see, feel what is not visible to those trapped in confines and programs designed to keep many distracted and in amnesia to who they really are.

Be aware of distractions and come back to your creation.

Create the new by putting all your attention and energy in that direction.


If this message inspires you, I have a private Facebook group called Wonderland where the focus is creation and exploration of beyond your physical experience.


How your body speaks to you

…and extracting the messages you need.

You are not meant to manage physical pain and illness.

You’re not meant to manage emotional discord.

Your body is a manifestation of your subconscious mind.

Your body communicates what is happening in your mind through aches, pains, ailments, emotional states, and such.

When you have a connection with yourself and when you are tuned into your body, you will understand what it is communicating to you.

With that awareness, you take the necessary actions to bring yourself into balance.

The actions and inspired next steps that come through for you may not always be related to the issue.

The action is what will shift the energy, experience, beliefs about yourself… Your inner self, your higher self knows.

:: Learn to listen.

:: Connect with yourself deeply.

:: Get to know all of you and your bodies and you are empowered and unstoppable.

Inside this video, I share with you how. 


Is your body zapping and vibrating? ⁣

💥💥 Zzzzzzt! 💥💥

 💥 Is that what you’re system has felt like?

💥 Do you feel restless but, not much energy to move?⁣

💥 Has your anxiety increased? ⁣

💥 Does it feel like you might float or explode outside your body? ⁣

What’s happening are upgrades and integration. ⁣

You have an energy body and just like your computer or phone received upgrades to operate more efficiently, your energy body does too. ⁣

What’s happening specifically right now is your inner communication system is being cleared out and upgraded. ⁣

The system below your nervous system. ⁣

The communication system beyond your six senses. ⁣

This upgrade actually began a few weeks back. ⁣

You might have seen it in your outer world as relationships were changing and emotional triggers coming to the surface. ⁣

You were needing to make solids decisions about what you were willing and no longer willing to participate in. ⁣

Where your boundaries were weak, they were reflected back to you. ⁣

Any unresolved emotions, trauma, or pain is density in your whole system / being. ⁣

The experiences, triggers, emotions are rising up to be healed and cleared in order for the upgraded energies to integrate in. ⁣

That’s what the zzzzzzt is. 💥⁣

✨ You’re calibrating an upgraded system for yourself. ⁣

✨ It doesn’t have to take a long time. It does not have to be painful. ⁣

✨ It does require you to choose then allow the process. ⁣

✨ Your mind will fight it. #unfuckyourmind

✨ It may not be convenient for your plans. ⁣

✨ Listen to your body and give it what it needs. ⁣

🦋  You called the upgrade forth because you asked for more and better for your life. ⁣

💥  This requires you to be a match for it to materialize. ⁣

💥  It requires you to dispel the old system, beliefs, pain, programs and allow the new to integrate in. ⁣

💥 It requires you to let go of limits you’ve been conditioned to and open yourself up to allow the more you have called in. ⁣

Don’t be distracted by what is happening.

Focus on where you’re headed and on what you’re creating. ⁣

This is how you Make Big Magic. 🔮


Has all this chaos stirred up emotions and energy within you?

Everything you are experiencing is happening for you. 

Chaos is an invitation for you to create from.

For you to –
– create the change you’ve been putting off,
– create the new pathway that has been whispering to you,
– create the expression of your message, art, healing, essence, soul. 

It’s why you will see many make HUGE changes in their life after a big life event.  Like a health scare, a divorce, a job loss… 

They realize their time in this life is limited and they’ve put off what they know to do for too long.

Is that you? 

Are you ready to finally implement the choices you’ve been holding off?


Are you willing to choose?

Are you a free-thinker? 

Are you willing to stand in your own truth – even when everyone around you believes differently?

Do you have your own back? No matter what?

“Would you jump off a bridge if someone told you to?”⁣

⁣As a child, that was a lesson and guidance I was taught in the power of choice.

:: To choose for myself.
:: To NOT go along with the crowd.
:: To pave my own way.
:: To trust myself.
:: To do me, my way. ⁣

To some, who doesn’t think for themselves, this is disruptive. ⁣

If someone wants to jump off a bridge, that’s their choice. ⁣

If I want to jump off a bridge, that’s MY choice. ⁣

If I DON’T want to jump off a bridge, that’s my choice. ⁣

In either choice, it’s mine to make. ⁣

Your choice is yours to make. ⁣

No one has to agree for your voice and choice to matter to YOU.

There is a lot of wild stuff happening in the world right now.

Your greatest power is your connection with yourself and the choices you make FOR YOU. ⁣

Do no harm. ⁣

Especially to yourself. ⁣

When you choose against what is real and right for you, you’re giving away your rights and power. ⁣

It will catch up with your body, mind, energy, and soul. ⁣ 

If your choices make another uncomfortable, that’s for them. That is their system indicating they might not be fully aligned with their personal choices. ⁣

Lead the way by walking your talk. It is incredibly easy to blend in with the herd. ⁣

Not you. ⁣

You’re here to birth a new reality, a new paradigm. You’re here to disrupt the broken system and lead a new way. ⁣

It begins with your choices. ⁣

Are you choosing for you?

Or are you choosing what is comfortable?

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