Is your body zapping and vibrating? ⁣

💥💥 Zzzzzzt! 💥💥

 💥 Is that what you’re system has felt like?

💥 Do you feel restless but, not much energy to move?⁣

💥 Has your anxiety increased? ⁣

💥 Does it feel like you might float or explode outside your body? ⁣

What’s happening are upgrades and integration. ⁣

You have an energy body and just like your computer or phone received upgrades to operate more efficiently, your energy body does too. ⁣

What’s happening specifically right now is your inner communication system is being cleared out and upgraded. ⁣

The system below your nervous system. ⁣

The communication system beyond your six senses. ⁣

This upgrade actually began a few weeks back. ⁣

You might have seen it in your outer world as relationships were changing and emotional triggers coming to the surface. ⁣

You were needing to make solids decisions about what you were willing and no longer willing to participate in. ⁣

Where your boundaries were weak, they were reflected back to you. ⁣

Any unresolved emotions, trauma, or pain is density in your whole system / being. ⁣

The experiences, triggers, emotions are rising up to be healed and cleared in order for the upgraded energies to integrate in. ⁣

That’s what the zzzzzzt is. 💥⁣

✨ You’re calibrating an upgraded system for yourself. ⁣

✨ It doesn’t have to take a long time. It does not have to be painful. ⁣

✨ It does require you to choose then allow the process. ⁣

✨ Your mind will fight it. #unfuckyourmind

✨ It may not be convenient for your plans. ⁣

✨ Listen to your body and give it what it needs. ⁣

🦋  You called the upgrade forth because you asked for more and better for your life. ⁣

💥  This requires you to be a match for it to materialize. ⁣

💥  It requires you to dispel the old system, beliefs, pain, programs and allow the new to integrate in. ⁣

💥 It requires you to let go of limits you’ve been conditioned to and open yourself up to allow the more you have called in. ⁣

Don’t be distracted by what is happening.

Focus on where you’re headed and on what you’re creating. ⁣

This is how you Make Big Magic. 🔮


Has all this chaos stirred up emotions and energy within you?

Everything you are experiencing is happening for you. 

Chaos is an invitation for you to create from.

For you to –
– create the change you’ve been putting off,
– create the new pathway that has been whispering to you,
– create the expression of your message, art, healing, essence, soul. 

It’s why you will see many make HUGE changes in their life after a big life event.  Like a health scare, a divorce, a job loss… 

They realize their time in this life is limited and they’ve put off what they know to do for too long.

Is that you? 

Are you ready to finally implement the choices you’ve been holding off?


Are you willing to choose?

Are you a free-thinker? 

Are you willing to stand in your own truth – even when everyone around you believes differently?

Do you have your own back? No matter what?

“Would you jump off a bridge if someone told you to?”⁣

⁣As a child, that was a lesson and guidance I was taught in the power of choice.

:: To choose for myself.
:: To NOT go along with the crowd.
:: To pave my own way.
:: To trust myself.
:: To do me, my way. ⁣

To some, who doesn’t think for themselves, this is disruptive. ⁣

If someone wants to jump off a bridge, that’s their choice. ⁣

If I want to jump off a bridge, that’s MY choice. ⁣

If I DON’T want to jump off a bridge, that’s my choice. ⁣

In either choice, it’s mine to make. ⁣

Your choice is yours to make. ⁣

No one has to agree for your voice and choice to matter to YOU.

There is a lot of wild stuff happening in the world right now.

Your greatest power is your connection with yourself and the choices you make FOR YOU. ⁣

Do no harm. ⁣

Especially to yourself. ⁣

When you choose against what is real and right for you, you’re giving away your rights and power. ⁣

It will catch up with your body, mind, energy, and soul. ⁣ 

If your choices make another uncomfortable, that’s for them. That is their system indicating they might not be fully aligned with their personal choices. ⁣

Lead the way by walking your talk. It is incredibly easy to blend in with the herd. ⁣

Not you. ⁣

You’re here to birth a new reality, a new paradigm. You’re here to disrupt the broken system and lead a new way. ⁣

It begins with your choices. ⁣

Are you choosing for you?

Or are you choosing what is comfortable?


Does it feel like there is something in your way?

And, you don’t know what it is?

Inside this video, I share how this is happening for you and three ways to move through it.

For those who want to know…

Here are the three ways… 

1. Believing something is in the way.

2. Not really choosing what you say you want.

3. Your mindset keeps going on the path of what could go wrong, how you can fail, how it won’t work out. 


I had a client who was getting the runaround about her migraines. Doctor visits, checking hormones, checking food allergies… No answers.

Two plus decades of migraines and no change.

Migraines kept her from creating the life she wanted.

:: She was sick 3 days a week which made her unavailable to her family.

:: She wanted to build her own business but, never had enough energy.

:: She wanted more abundance but, her system could not handle any more.

She was sick, tired, and walking through life like a mummy.

She came to me because she was ready to move through what was in her way of creating the life she knew was possible.

Within 5 weeks (compared to 20+ years!) her migraines stopped AND she met the financial goal she set for herself in her business.

Are you ready to Make Big Magic in YOUR life too?


Does mindfuckery get in your way?

Does this happen to you? 

– When you know you have a choice to make,
– When you know you want to experience something different,
– When you know you want to take the action,
– When you know you want to pivot your path…

But, you don’t.

:: You stop yourself; paralyzed with fear.
:: You try and figure out how it’ll work out.
:: You see all the ways it won’t work out.
:: You hold yourself back worried what others will say and think.


That mindfuckery, confusion, with all the stories of why you aren’t good enough, what bad can happen, and how it won’t work out start deeper than your mindset.

They begin at your nervous system and deeper… 

They begin where unresolved pain, emotions, trauma, betrayal are stored in your mind, body, and energy.

So, if your nervous system is already overloaded,  adding another choice, option or change could send off alerts.

Even when it is the very thing you say you want for yourself!

Yes, you get in the way because your system doesn’t feel safe or perceives your choice as dangerous.

The great news – What you want to experience is available simple because you desire it.  

And when you aren’t living what you desire, it doesn’t feel great.  That is your signal there is a GRANDER part of you that knows it is possible and YOU are getting in your own way.

There is a way through and with ease. 

It begins with awareness then choice.

Watch this replay to gain an awareness of what may be operating under the surface for you.

Does MindFuckery get in the way of you having clarity on your choices?

Does it have you stuck in fear of making the decisions you need to make?

How to allow clarity to come to the surface and feel empowered in your choices – even when you’re still afraid or can’t see the full picture.


Don’t be a feeder den for fear

Fear is like tiny little worms that make its way into your field one at a time eventually building up to a colony of anxiety, overwhelm, mindfuckery, panic…⁣

You allow them in through laziness of your mind. ⁣

Or new fears come in and awaken dormant, numbed out fears – patterns. ⁣

Or through small choices to avoid discomfort but, essentially choosing fear.⁣

Or when you stop yourself from taking inspired action.⁣

To not choose is to choose. ⁣

The little choices from fear build up and feed the colony. ⁣

You don’t notice the few that come in. But, as they build up, your energy goes to managing a colony rather than being at peace and using your resources to create your life. ⁣

There is a lot of fear floating around. Don’t be a feeder den. ⁣

🐛 Take care of your vessel and bodies. ⁣
🐛 Clear out your system so there is no place for the worms to harvest. ⁣
🐛 Make the choices where fear has stopped you. ⁣
🐛 Be in integrity with yourself and others. ⁣



Are you ready to do the inner work that creates the outer changes you’ve been seeking?

You see, healing and creation can happen at the same time.  It does not have to take a long time.  

It is easier than your limitations will tell you, funner than you might imagine healing work is, and the simplest ways to create results that last.

Results come from your choice, you showing up for you.  I’ll be your intuitive, psychic guide through my 12 week Make Big Magic Mentorship

You’ll understand how to work with your energy, your mindset, and have processes and tools that work FOR YOU to be the conscious, sovereign creator of your life.  

Do you want help identifying the underlying causes of what is manifesting in your body and life?  

Currently there are 2 spaces available for the right fit.  Due to the intimate support and custom guidance, I limit the number of one to one clients I take on. 

Do you want to apply? 

Here is the link  https://kellyanncory.com/mentorshipapplication/ 

Inside that link there is also a video explaining more of what the Make Big Magic journey is.

Even if you’re not ready for one to one work, the video is intended to shed light on this human journey of evolution, ascension, integration, and dark night of the soul.  


Is your body speaking to you through aches, pains, illness….?

Here is the replay link: 


Is your body speaking to you?

Do you have neck pain? Backache? Migraines? Digestive issues?

Those are manifestations of something under the surface.

Your body keeps the score (check out the book).

Your body is a manifestation of your subconscious mind (Joe Dispenza).

When you understand what is happening in your body and mind, your body, mind, spirit – LIFE – comes into homeostasis. 


When clients come to me to #unfuckyourmind and integrate their power, I can’t help to NOT see what is going on under the surface – in their physical body and energy body (mind/body/spirit).

You see, your life is a reflection of what is happening within you. 

When you –
– do the inner work,
– understand what your body is communicating to you,
– heal the malfunction at the core,
your outer world reflects as such.

Client Success Story

A recent client came to me nearly driving herself crazy with the negative self-talk, worry, fear, overanalyzing, afraid to not speak up – not in her power.  

It was taking a lot of her energy to manage her mind (excess energy built up and habit). 

It was disrupting ALL areas of her life and affecting her body. 

  • Her body was manifesting excess weight, digestion issues, skin eruptions… 
  • Her anxiety was between 8-10 daily.
  • Her partner was not meeting her where she desired inside their relationship.
  • Her discomfort had her isolating herself from others. 

Through my process, I help create healing and lasting change that guides clients into their creative power and sovereignty by identifying the core of the disruption and clearing the energetic frequencies, patterns, and programming. 

The energetic discord and malfunction come from conditioning, trauma, unresolved pain and emotions, guilt, shame, repetitive thoughts…and such.

The energetic discord is like having a kink in a garden hose – with it there, life and your body doesn’t flow and operate as intended.  

When there is a kink, your health, relationships, money, business… all kinked up. You are not meant to manage pain and emotional discord.  Those are signals attempting to get your attention about something under the surface for you.

Back to this client – what rose to the surface for her was something she had never dealt with before.  An event buried very deep, something she never shared with anyone until she met me. 

I guided her through my energy healing and emotional alchemy processes and EVERYTHING has changed for her.  And, we were only halfway through her mentorship.

  • Her physical symptoms are healing, 
  • she feels lighter, 
  • she is speaking up, 
  • people are noticing a shift in how she looks, 
  • her partner has done a 180 (she feels treasured, loved, respected – without changing him), 
  • her anxiety is at 1 or 2,
  • she is at peace in her mind and self ALL DAY, 
  • she feels more confident, empowered, loving herself and her body, 
  • all of her relationships have improved…

She is now consciously aware of any discord or resistance in her thoughts and body and knows what to do to release the energy and mindfuckery.  

That is empowerment.  That is freedom. That is sovereignty.  


Get out of analysis paralysis

Change & Choice

If you’re in the midst of a mess – an experience where life, relationships, your business, or other is falling apart and you are in analysis paralysis when it comes to making your choices, this quick video will help.  

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