When you feel stuck, afraid, and can’t make the change…

Do you feel stuck, immobilized, afraid, creativity blocked?

Do you want to know what is really underneath your fear of doing the thing you want to do?

Things you’re afraid to do such as…

:: Share your message, art, healing but, you’ve changed so, who you’re sharing with will change.

: Pursue a relationship but, you’ve been hurt and heartbroken before.

:: Make an investment in the healer, coach, course, travel but, you’re telling yourself you don’t have the money.

:: Implement changes that would support your health (mind is a BIG piece here) but, you’ve failed so many times before.

Your mind is so focused on what can go wrong, you aren’t open or AVAILABLE to hear all the possibilities of what could go RIGHT.

Focusing on what could go wrong is your mind’s way of protecting your inner wounds.

Your choice to pursue what you really desire threatens the protection you’ve built to keep yourself from being rewounded. 

So, all the actions you’re taking or not taking will thwart the results you seek because of the underlying fears.

Think self-sabotage, procrastination, distractions, drama, chaos…

So, what do you do to clear what’s happening underneath?

Heal the fears, clear the energy, integrate the wisdom from the past pain and then…

– clarity arises,
– self-trust strengthens,
– barriers dissolved,
– your energy amps up,
– creativity flows,
– your hot factor ignites,
– your vibe is lit!

When you heal and clear what is underneath, behind the scenes, and what is really holding you back, you’ll feel free to be all of you and magnetize to you what matches your vibe.

You’re doing this already – magnetizing.

So, if what you’re experiencing doesn’t feel good, it’s about what’s happening inside you.

No outer action can change that.  You’ve got to go in.


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