When you freeze at taking the next step –

– parts within you that are fearful, limited, self-doubting, and insecure will rise up and revolt.

Revolt against participating in anything that will bring you beyond your comfort zone.

These inner parts will revolt by creating drama, chaos, distraction.

Once you’ve made a choice to participate in an activity that will bring you beyond your comfort zone you might hear stories and excuses as to “I don’t have the money, it’s not the right time, I’m too busy…”

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At one point, these shadow aspects were created for your survival. But, they’re actually keeping you from what you want.

So, as you take action towards going beyond your comfort zone, the stories, drama, and excuses will kick up to divert you.

Your awareness of this is your power to make choices that support the life and person you say you want to be.

Integrate these aspects and you’ll discover they hold gifts for you as well.


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