Are you in a deficit from borrowing time?

You know – the ideas you’ve had mulling through your mind but, you haven’t quite taken action on? Your business, art, expression of you still lingering in your mind waiting for “the right time” to start.


“I’ll start Monday”, “When ‘such and such’ is in place I’ll start”, “After ‘blah, blah, blah’ I’ll do it”…

Does your job have you stuck in a comfort zone? Have you let other areas of life, people or events distract you from doing the damn things?

Oh, and your story of ‘perfection’ is also a well, story.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret….

There is no perfect time. There will always be an excuse. Starting is the hardest part.

You just have to rip the bandaid off and do it. Take the action. Do the thing outside of your comfort zone. Drop into Soul flow.

Here is another secret…

What you’re really avoiding is what is under the surface. Your fears, insecurities, stories of what could go wrong and what others might think.

“What if it doesn’t work out”, “What if I make a fool of myself”, “What will people say about me”.

Then the list of excuses why you can’t – because of this/that person, the environment isn’t right, I don’t know enough, I don’t have enough money/time…

The truth…

What is within you is meant to come through you. You have the ideas, dreams and desires because they’re meant for YOU. You are the perfect, divine vessel in which to express and share the ideas, art, creation. It is all there – waiting for you to get out of the way and do it, BE it.

Stop allowing the stories to hold you back. CHOOSE you.

Go within. #unfuckyourmind and set yourself free.

Going within only feels scary to the limitations wanting to hold on and remain in place. You’ve created these inner structures to feel ‘safe’.


Safety, along with time, is an illusion.

Do you see? It is just the stories you have that keep you held back.

Remove the stories and you are FREE to be.

Easier said than done. I get it. But, what are you going to do about it?

– Feel the fear and do it anyway.
– Take the next step.
– Launch your art.
– Share your voice – written or expressed.

What do you need to do to get out of your own way? What is your Soul craving to express?

I can promise you this…

It is WAY more challenging to continue to hold back what wants to come through you than it is to face all the things holding you back.

Once recognized for the illusion they are, the stories, fears, insecurities fall away and you drop into a deeper TRUTH of who you are.

Letting all of you be and express is freedom – on so many levels. Once you’re through, you’ll know and never go back.

Being you is exactly what you came here to be. Who you are is a unique expression the world needs. Your Soul knows.

What are you going to keep listening to? The limitations or your deepest truth?

Take the step. Do the action. 


Because, going into tomorrow, the next day, next year with the inner limitations only creates more of that.

Get out of the way and let your Soul flow through.

Now is all you have.

Kelly Ann

This is precisely my magic – identifying and peeling away the layers of subconscious limitation. My super power is reading your energy field and identifying the core beliefs and patterns in place holding you back.

In our work together, private clients have aligned with their true mission, art, expression. Life feels easier, in flow, and way more FUN. They are creating and being what is natural, real and right for their heart and Soul.

Do you know you are in your own way?

Can you sense more is meant for you?

Are you done working so hard holding yourself back?

I have space for 3 private clients. Is 2019 your year?

If you’re ready to do the damn thing and get out of your way, message me here and I’ll share the options available. We’ll make sure we are a good fit for what you’re ready for before we carry on.

Don’t wait any longer… Putting off what you deeply know is meant for you and holding back Soul flow really only becomes more and more challenging – in all areas of your life.

Message me… Lets do the damn things!


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