The cycle of dismantling

“Everyone is born a genius but, the process of living de-geniuses them.“ R. Buckminster Fuller

The fact that you want more is enough evidence that it is possible.

Are you feeling uncomfortable? 
Not on purpose?
Held back?

That is your signal something is out of alignment.

Your heart and Soul are speaking to you.

Are you listening?

Life is asking you to take a LEAP.

Are you going to keep putting off the messages and allowing Soul to flow through?

You are in a cycle of DISMANTLING.

Dismantling inner patterns of behavior that keep you in limited experiences – opening space to be more of who you are and what you want to feel and experience.

All the things.

Life is manifesting and reflecting back the UNTRUTHS you carry about yourself.

It is time to claim and BE all of who you are and let you shine through.

:: To put down the defenses and let what you want in.
:: To let the limiting stories drop away and be free to express all of yourself.
:: To step forward confidently and fiercely grounded in your truth.::

This is the journey of your Soul.

You are not going to see the full picture, the next step or be able to control the outcome.

The more you resist, the more challenging it all becomes.

There is a finesse in –
:: Surrender and Co-creating
:: Allowing and Knowing
:: Trusting and Surrender
:: Co-creating and Allowing

We are complex creatures. Beautiful complex geniuses.

When you get out of the way and allow Soul to flow through,
– you see the orchestration you co-create,
– you feel on purpose,
– your vibration elevates,
– it all feels easier, more playful, creative, and free.

In Soul flow, you have more access to all aspects of you. You’re a master of your mindset and see the manifestations that come from within. You know how to make necessary adjustments to choose for yourself.

It’s not about the doing; it’s about the BEing.

Are you ready for a Guide to bring you through the process of dropping into Soul flow? To bring you through dismantling the inner limitations holding you back?

And then be guided to what your purpose is – from Soul. To unhook from built in constructs or those taken on from others. To feel confident, on purpose, and empowered as you step into the new. Your new.

I have three spaces available for private one on one mentoring.

This is a good fit for someone who knows more is possible and is fiercely choosing that knowing and ready to do all the things to get out of the way and drop into Soul flow.

You know that’s the place to be. It’s where your genius awaits.

If this is you, message me here and I’ll send you the details. We’ll see if we’re a good match for this level of exploration and transformation.

What better time than now?


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