You are not everybody’s cup of tea… Be yourself anyway

YOU ARE NOT EVERYBODY’S CUP OF TEA. And that’s ok. Be you anyway.

Do you ruffle others feathers?
Do people get triggered by you being you?

I see you holding yourself back, hiding who you are, and squandering your gifts and talents because you –

  • are worried about how others will feel if you fully expressed yourself,
  • have subconscious fears of something happening to you if you be all you,
  • afraid you won’t be accepted if the world saw and knew who you really are…

I see it. I see YOU – who you really are behind the stories you tell yourself.

Do you see the stories you tell yourself about why you can’t do the thing you want to do or have the life you want to have?

Stories. All stories.

No one holds you back but you.

The opposite may seem really real – that it’s others or it’s life that is in your way. Nope. You.

My shutting down and holding back who I am was an automatic response.

I wasn’t aware of the automatic response mechanism until life became too uncomfortable in the many ways I was squandering myself.

In my subconscious mind and behavior, it was like I was holding back a monster behind the closet door I could no longer hold back.

The monster wasn’t really a monster at all. It’s just what I learned in order to survive, fit in, not ruffle other feathers.

In me freeing myself to be me, what I came to understand is the “monster” was only a monster TO OTHERS who couldn’t be fully themselves, who also learned to hide, or who were uncomfortable in their own skin.

And that’s a piece of how I see you holding you back, not fully showing up as the art you are – you’re worried you’ll trigger others, the subliminal programming has you frozen still, and the learned insecurities have you full of self doubt.

And I’m talking about ALL the ways you express yourself. Your point of view, your laughter, your art, your voice, your emotions…

If you’re struggling to manifest, create, be your fullest expression and live the life you desire, take an inner reflection of the ways you sensor and hold yourself back and the beliefs that arise as you consider your deepest desires.

You cannot hold back one part of you without holding back other parts of you.

Your life is YOUR art.

And when you drop the stories, clear the programming, and do the damn thing, your life changes to reflect that.

• The real ‘monsters’ in *your* life leave and those who your soul is a match to come in.
• You have clear access to the infinite being you are and all the talents and gifts within.
• You’re tapped back into your power and manifesting and creating comes with ease.
• You feel confident, creative, empowered.
• You change, your life changes.

Everything outside of you is a reflection within.

So, the cup of tea you’re trying to be for everyone is of your creation.

Now that you know all this, create what you really want for yourself and your life, your relationships.

Because as you surrender to the art of being you, life responds to match that.

It always is.

Create wisely and powerfully.

P.S. The Art of Being You starts 10/1.

Four weeks together exploring, allowing and BEcoming.


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