You Are Powerful

You have 70,000 thoughts a day.  How many of them could you possibly be fully aware of?  You only use 10% of our brain’s capacity.  There is so much more power there you have an opportunity to tap into.

The Secret and Law of Attraction – tools and pathways to tap into the power of your mind.  We’re are all infinitely connected to a higher source.  You create your life from this place – your mind, your beliefs, your thoughts, and what you say.

Just like Reiki uses symbols and intentional energy – behind the meaning, the presence, and the clarity of the practitioner – The Secret and Law of Attraction are symbols and tools for using your mind more deeply.  It’s not a power or magic outside of you, it’s within.  Learn to tap into it and your life will change!

Be intentional about what you feed your mind (TV, news, negative conversations), pay attention to your thoughts and words.  Notice how your words describe exactly what you’re experiencing.  It’s really the deeper subconscious belief that creates the thought and as you consciously speak it that creates your reality and experience.  Not the other way around.  It may seem the results – your experiences and circumstances – came first, but it’s actually a deeper, buried belief that causes your outter experience.

Deeper beliefs around one’s own worth, value, and fear are what the subconscious plays over and over again – in those 70,000 thoughts a day you aren’t consciously aware of. Change the deeper beliefs. You must become more aware.  Look around, see what isn’t working, and pay attention to what you’re saying to yourself.  Something like “I’m not enough”, “It’s too hard”, “It’s impossible”, “I’m not safe”, “I’ll never make it”.

“Whether you think you can or can’t…you are right.”
~ Henry Ford.  What you speak creates a declaration. Declare what you want even if you don’t know how it’ll become.

What do you want? Better health, a relationship, more money, better career, more freedom.  How do you speak about the things you desire now?

To change your circumstances, experiences, and results, pay close attention to your thoughts and words. 

Listen to what you say.  When you recognize the negative language, change it.  It’s powerful!  Create a mantra or affirmation to repeat to yourself regularly.  “I’m enough”, “I am safe”, “I am loved”, “All I need comes to me with effortlessness and ease.”

Say it, feel it, believe it.  This process changes the unconscious belief patterns you’ve created and picked up from others that no longer serves you.

This will transform your life.

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