Are things feeling unstable?

There is an unraveling occurring.

Cellular, nervous system, DNA, and energetic grids unraveling from within.

You’re receiving new systems. Receiving upgrades and integrating simultaneously.

(I’ve been receiving messages from past clients opening up to next level superpowers – because they know how to work with this energy).

Are you seeing it too?

Seeing it in the experiences you’re having – how you’re feeling physically, emotionally, spiritually?

Through the unraveling and upgrade, you’re being guided to own more of your innate power, brilliance, wisdom, knowing… your superpowers.

Being invited to release, shed, dissolve the fears, doubts, trauma patterns, survival cycles, beLIEfs about yourself… 

These energetics are my jam.

Do you wonder about energy and how I work with it? Feel free to send me a message and ask your questions.

I asked my higher self for an example and here is what came through… 

I read your energy just as air traffic controllers read the wind.

You can’t see wind, right?  But, you can see the effects wind is having.  

You can’t see energy.  But, I can see the effects your energy is having.

I read energy and see how your frequency is having an impact on your life – your body, emotions, and physical being.

In reading your energy, I determine where the misalignment originates from. 

Misalignments in –

  • what you say you want to what is actually happening
  • how your body is out of balance – disruptions in well-being, digestion, aches/pains, anxiety, excess weight, depression… 
  • why you can’t break patterns or cycles

In working with your energy and creating the healing, shifts, alchemy, release – whatever you need – your outer life shifts.  


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