Are you stepping out of or retreating into your comfort zone?

Nobody can do it for you.
Others can help you clear what’s in your way, remind you who you are, open the elevator doors for you but, YOU have to step in.
I need to be pushed”. You’ve got to push yourself to do the thing that’s going to get your momentum going.
I’m SO ready to get out of my own way!” You still need to take action. You’re not going to go anywhere standing still.
The door is open.
Expecting another to do for you what only you can do for you is a matrix trap.
You’re giving your power away.
This is some Disney Princess, someone is going to save me, bullshit.
I’ve seen 4-year-olds work harder at trying to accomplish something they haven’t learned the skills or have the strength to do than some adults stuck in their own mind fuckery.
You’ve been programmed with limitations. Those before you were also programmed and passed it down. It’s an effective system of limitation, control and fear mongering.
Your journey here is about remembering the truth of who you are. Aligning with Soul and the expansiveness beyond your human body and ego mind.
You also have free will.
Bring an end to your suffering and do what your Soul has led you to do or end your suffering by stopping your bitching and complaining about what isn’t working.
There is no try.
There is no middle ground.
There is do or don’t do.
Get on with it. Or get over it.
Are you ready to step up and take the reigns back? The be reminded of your power? To clear the subliminal limitations and programming?
I am the Queen of My Universe is 21 days of unfucking your mind, dropping into Soul and stepping into your next level.
BONUS: 30 minute 1:1 private session where you’ll get to the core of your biggest challenge and Soul channeled guidance for your specific next steps. (There are only 4 left – This is nearly the cost of the entire course. Bonus!)
VIP: 30 minute session 1:1 private session. Can be stacked or used separately with the bonus.


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