Don’t be a feeder den for fear

Fear is like tiny little worms that make its way into your field one at a time eventually building up to a colony of anxiety, overwhelm, mindfuckery, panic…⁣

You allow them in through laziness of your mind. ⁣

Or new fears come in and awaken dormant, numbed out fears – patterns. ⁣

Or through small choices to avoid discomfort but, essentially choosing fear.⁣

Or when you stop yourself from taking inspired action.⁣

To not choose is to choose. ⁣

The little choices from fear build up and feed the colony. ⁣

You don’t notice the few that come in. But, as they build up, your energy goes to managing a colony rather than being at peace and using your resources to create your life. ⁣

There is a lot of fear floating around. Don’t be a feeder den. ⁣

🐛 Take care of your vessel and bodies. ⁣
🐛 Clear out your system so there is no place for the worms to harvest. ⁣
🐛 Make the choices where fear has stopped you. ⁣
🐛 Be in integrity with yourself and others. ⁣



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