Is unresolved trauma the culprit?

💗 It’s not that you can’t lose weight. You’re afraid, holding resentment.

💗It’s not that you can’t be healthy. You have a subconscious belief, fear, agreement.

💗It’s not that the love you want doesn’t exist. Your fear of being heartbroken again is the energy block.

When all the doing isn’t working…

Unresolved trauma.

A trauma response is developed to keep you safe; it creates an aspect of your personality to be sure your survival mechanism operates.

It’s like you hold onto things so you can control them. But, they’re controlling you.

Just like your heart operates automatically, so do the subconscious aspects and survival mechanisms.

The challenge is…you don’t need them any longer and they’re keeping you from what you want.

Something behind the scenes and under the surface isn’t in agreement with you.

Clear it out and everything changes. Your creativity flow, confidence exudes, you execute your ideas, you feel lighter and more free…


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