You are Master. But, you’ve been messy.

You’ve gotten distracted by the practicalities of life.

You push your magic aside to ‘do the damn things’. Because, if you have the right website, funnel, email list, enough followers, recognition of your wisdom, likes / loves on your posts, tribe built… thennnnn you can do what you deeply know works.

—> Tapping into your unique vibration and operating from the unseen and unknown.

Jumping in and out of your different worlds makes it all that much harder to remain in your mile high club.

You stop trusting yourself. Doubt and insecurity creep in.

The human programming of tangibles distracts you.
Your ‘to do’ list seduces you.
Your shadow persuades you.

Until you are back to that damn place you worked so hard to get out of.

And the cycle starts again.

The good news is – You DO get yourself out of those spaces.

You’re a Master but…you’re being messy.

You know it. And, if you got super honest with yourself… All this messiness is fear of…


There is a way out of the cycle.

Are you ready to allow the old to die? Release the blocks that bind you?

Rebel Rebirth begins 2/5.

Five weeks week submersion, clearing and expansion into the authentic expression of YOU and the life you were born for.

Rebels, healers, magic makers, and artists are already gathering.



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