Is your fear of looking crazy the reason you are not showing up?

Is your fear the reason you are not sharing your gifts, talents, healing, art with the world?

You’re afraid of what others will say.
You worry you’ll lose credibility.

Then you won’t be able to make the money you need to make.

You’ll really fail.

So, you play it “safe”, fly under the radar, don’t say too much.

In the meantime, your insides are churning, you feel like you’re slowing dying, you want to crawl out of your skin.

Depression weighs you down. Anxiety takes over.

You are paralyzed.

You spin into overwhelmed, fear. Wonder if you should just quit life.

Then you somehow you find your way to feeling better about it all.

The monster has been tamed.

Until it gets poked, prodded or triggered. Again. And the whole cycle starts all over.

This is where your magic is halted. Your fire dampened.

The pattern is always about coming back to the place that feels better. To get out of whatever chaos and uncomfortable feelings that got stirred up.

But, you see, the chaos is where you get to alchemize the energy and make the fierce, bold choices for yourself.

The crazy you fear being labeled and abandoned by… Beyond your fears and stories is your liberation and freedom to share who you are. To share your message, healing, art.

When you take the journey through the chaos, work with your monster energy within, and alchemize your fears… Nothing anyone says or thinks about you could ever, EVER harm you the way your mind is telling you now.

You may have been burned at the stake, stoned, hung, chopped to pieces before but, you’re back.

New time. New paradigm.

What you hold within is exactly what the world is ready for.

You are not crazy. You are here to change things up.

Your magic within is waking up, stirring up your life. Your magic, your essence is ready to be birthed.

There is a way through the chaos to come out on top.
A way to work with your inner monster to alchemize the energy for your expansion.
A way to integrate your crazy and allow life to flow with ease because you’re no longer holding back.

You know you’re here for more and holding back has become too much work.

Are you ready to remember and rediscover your inner gifts, magic, and talents?

Rebel Rebirth begins 2/5.

Five weeks of submersion within, clearing and expansion into the authentic expression of YOU and this life you were born for.

Your tribe of fellow Rebels is already forming.



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