What is holding you back?

Have you read all the books, taken all the programs, hired all the coaches and find yourself still confused, lack of motivation and paralyzed by fear?

You’re not sure what you are supposed to be doing with your life, clients aren’t signing up, you lack motivation, the fear of your own power is debilitating, you’re in a cycle of ups and downs.

And yet, something keeps you going on this path, determined to figure it all out. 

You FEEL it.  You KNOW it.  There is something within you that you’re meant to share with the world.


Your inner limitations, false fears, subconscious sabotage, and buried beliefs.  

When these inner aspects of you are threatened by your GROWTH and expansion you’ll subconsciously create –

– feeling stuck, 

– overwhelm, 

– emotional drama, 

– huge challenges out of small things, 

– something will manifest for you to project your lack and fear thoughts onto… 

and so on.

Oh, you are such a creative and POWERFUL being.   

When the energy and essence within you is held back, hidden, or pushed down all kinds of chaos occurs – emotionally, physically, energetically – to support you in setting you FREE.

But, you stop at the chaos.  You become distracted by the breakdown, relationship upheaval, financial strife, or get involved in drama.  You try and figure it all out rather than surrender to where life is leading you.

The chaos is all a part of the process of REBIRTHING you and place you on the path of what you seek.

  • Clarity on the direction of your business, clearing your money blocks, opening your wounded heart, clearing your underlying fears, transmuting your addiction to pain…

All the chaos feels real. It is a distraction to your personality but, the journey for your Spirit.

You see, you can’t take with you some of this baggage you have been carrying.  You’ve got to let die who you aren’t to allow who you need to become to come through. 

The chaos is a signal you’re about to break through. 

Break through your limitations, patterns and beliefs that are not serving you and what you’re meant to experience.  To face all that is in front of you and make a new choice. 

It takes strength to let go of the familiar pain.  It takes courage to choose YOU no matter what.  It takes faith to leap into the unknown. 

Life is a continuous journey of death and rebirth.  When you identify what is occurring and know how to use the experiences and transmute the energy, you are going to be empowered as the orchestrator of your life.

I created Rebel Rebirth for you.

This course will catapult you through your toughest BLOCKS, limited thinking, debilitating FEARS, and come through empowered, clear, inspired, motivated, and tapped into your vision and mission.

Why? Because it is my super-power to SEE and read the energy of the beliefs systems held in place that are creating the outer experiences as well as the mind set playing them on repeat.

You’ll learn to alchemize the energy and bring yourself to your next level vibration that is aligned with what you have been calling forth for yourself.  

But, you can’t get there if under the surface you unconsciously believe you:

– are unworthy,

– will fail

– not enough / too much

– will be left or leave people behind

– afraid to have more success than your family

In clearing all the underlying, subconscious clutter, you’ll gain clarity, confidence, inspiration, creativity…

Your experiences will line up to match your alignment. 

The world needs what you have.  

Rebel Rebirth.  Because this is not your first go around here. 

You are back.  New Time. New Paradigm.

The five week on line group course will guide you within to release, remember, rebirth who you are now and offer the clarity you’ve been working so hard to discover.

The pre-work and first LIVE transmission replay (“Transmuting limitations from your past and in your subconscious”) are waiting for you.

You’ll have my full on support inside the group through the five weeks PLUS two 30 minute PRIVATE sessions ($240 value). 




The VIP option has an additional one on one call ($120 value) and private support through facebook chat ($150 value).




What is coming through this for this course is already creating profound shifts for the members.  

You know there is more for you available. 

I’m here to remind and guide you to remember all that is already within you and for you to have the courage, faith, and confidence to BE who you are here to be.

P.S. Doors are closing soon to keep the space sacred and energy contained.


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