Triggers lead to empowerment

If you aren’t triggering your clients, you are failing them.

Your clients are not going to receive the level of healing, expansion and up-leveling they desire if you are concerned about being nice and having your clients feel good all the time.

Put it this way… Let’s say I see you are about to walk into oncoming traffic with a huge tracker trailer coming at you.  Do you want me to whisper softly “hey, sweetie, get out of the way hun.”

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Or would you rather I yell “WATCH OUT!!” and be jolted into awareness to get out of the way?

It really is the same with ego, pain body and limitations running your client’s growth and expansion process.

If you aren’t saying the TRUTH to your clients, if you are not saying the HARD things and pointing out the pink elephants in their life, it is EXACTLY why they haven’t gotten off the hamster wheel, out of self-sabotaging behaviors, healing their trauma, or breaking their limiting money, health and love patterns.

You are not doing any service to another by bringing comfort to their wound, shadow or fear.  Your role is to guide your client into their truth and beyond their fears, insecurities, and limitations.

You have to be strong enough to handle their unraveling and not take it personally.

What keeps you from telling the hard truths is you haven’t worked through your people pleaser, victim aspects.  Your underlying shadow aspects are running your business.

Underneath, you’re worried if you say something that triggers your client, they’ll tell other people, no one will come to you, you won’t be liked, you wont get paid, your business will fail… So, you play nice.

And maybe your business is already failing and exactly why it has been so hard to create success and consistency or why you haven’t gotten yourself outside your own comfort zone and doing the things you know you need to be doing.

Your shadow is running the show.

If you haven’t worked through your own triggers, you cannot hold space for another to move through theirs.  And when another gets triggered by you, it will throw you into a loop. 

When you are solid in who you are, have worked through your triggers, your work is going to be way more impactful and sought after.

If you are the one who gets triggered, what do you do with it?  Do you cower back into your tortoise shell and blame, lash back, walk away from the gold that is right in front of you?  Giving your power to the thing or person outside of you to decide how you feel and what you do about it?

Your trigger is your treasure. 

Your trigger shows you where you are trying to protect a limited part of yourself.  Where you are defending your wounds rather than allowing the healing.  Where you are protecting a dysfunctional part of you you’ve hidden from yourself.

It is a call for healing and expansion.

The discomfort of your trigger is temporary.  Taming your trigger, placating it, numbing it out or avoiding it holds it within you – until someone or something else comes along to trigger your awareness.  And the cycle repeats over and over and over again until you get it out by the roots.

You can be free from triggers and the underlying fears and limitations that hold them in place. It is exactly why the person or experience came in and triggered you..

To trigger you into freedom.

If you are ready to be FREE, I have something special I have created for this energy of change and transformation and TRIGGER we are in…


6 weeks 1:1 – you and me.

This is for the fierce badass, rebel, magical beings who are ready to come out of hiding, stop flying under the radar, and align with the powerful aspects already within you.

Empower is for you if you are ready to release the root fears that hold you back, alchemize the energy of your inner shadow aspects, transmute the underlying triggers that keep you trapped.

We’ll fire your ego from working your spiritual evolution, healing, and expansion process.

We’ll get to the root of your biggest barrier, block, and limitation that has been in your way and making things so hard so you can move forward with ease and allow in all you’ve been struggling to make happen for yourself and your life.

We’ll clear out the energetic chaos, subliminal programming, and subconscious beliefs that have you anchored to your current reality and take quantum leaps into the experiences you’ve only tapped into through your dreams.

You’ll have the clarity, confidence, and courage to take those next steps.

Because when you shift what is within, everything around you shifts to meet you there. 

It is already always happening.  Is it time you took charge of what your experience looks and feels like?

We begin March 4th. 

Those who register by March 1st receive a guided healing meditation recorded by me with the energy and vibration of healing and liberation. 

Message me through the link or hello at kellyanncory dot com for the details to ensure Empower is a good fit for what you’re ready for. 


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