F@ck fear

You have healing, art, a message within that has been stifled, shut away, hidden. It manifests as confusion, lack of motivation, frustration.

Your attempts at everything but what is naturally within you is an effort. You’ll do all the things, with hard work and force and not attain the results you desire.

Because there is more within you wanting to come through you but, you’ve allowed fear, insecurity, stories of lack and limitation to dominate your actions or lack of.

You are way more powerful than the fears, stories, and beliefs that keep you stuck.

EMPOWER is here…

6 weeks 1:1 – you and me.

This is for the fierce badass, rebel, magical beings who are ready to come out of hiding, stop flying under the radar, and align with the powerful aspects already within you.

Empower is for you if you are ready to release the root fears that hold you back, alchemize the energy of your inner shadow aspects, transmute the underlying triggers that keep you trapped.

We’ll fire your ego from working your spiritual evolution, healing, and expansion process.

We’ll get to the root of your biggest barrier, block, and limitation that has been in your way and making things so hard so you can move forward with ease and allow in all you’ve been struggling to make happen for yourself and your life.

We’ll clear out the energetic chaos, subliminal programming, and subconscious beliefs that have you anchored to your current reality and take quantum leaps into the experiences you’ve only tapped into through your dreams.

You’ll have the clarity, confidence, and courage to take those next steps.

Because when you shift what is within, everything around you shifts to meet you there.

It is already always happening. Is it time you took charge of what your experience looks and feels like?

Message me for the details and ensure Empower is a good fit for what you’re ready for.

We begin March 4th. 

Those who register by March 1st receive a guided healing meditation recorded by me with the energy and vibration of healing and liberation. 

Message me through the link or hello at kellyanncory dot com for the details to ensure Empower is a good fit for what you’re ready for. 


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