How to allow your Wild Genius and Natural Gifts to flow through

Are you living life IN RESPONSE to what is happening or are you relaxing into flow and ALLOWING life to come to and through you?

Things are about to change – drastically. 🔥

{How Empathic Entrepreneurs and Sensitive Leaders can allow their Wild Genius and Natural Gifts to channel through by becoming comfortable with the discomfort}

Kelly Ann daydreams out the window often.”  Written on my 5th-grade report card.

I just found myself doing it again, now.

Fully awake and surfing consciousness, the quantum field, and other realms. 😎

Sitting on my couch tapped into the vastness of infinite possibilities.  💅

It can actually feel quite dizzying to be buzzing, vibrating and feeling myself beyond my physical body.

Are you feeling it too?

If you have not learned how to be with energies and sensations or have learned to manage them by pushing them down and away, it is having a DIRECT IMPACT 🚫 on what you are struggling with – the experiences you know you are here to have.  Love, money, business, sharing your art and message.

Knowing and becoming comfortable with the intensity will prevent the energies from taking you over. 

You come to understand how to work WITH THEM and get out of the way to let what is meant for you to come to you.

As I relax into the sensations, a course that has been coming through for a bit now begins to take a more solid form.

In stillness the information and who it is for channels in.

I feel my energetic field expanding to create a sacred space for them to come into.

I feel like I’m on an amusement park ride or on a boat in a very wavy ocean. 🤢

These sensations could have one reaching for something to numb themselves with, to distract themselves, or become caught up in the mind and miss the opportunity being presented FOR YOU.

➡️As a Sensitive or Empath, you’re likely already feeling lots of things.  Perhaps you’ve learned to shut down what you feel.

Now is a good time to open yourself up. To open yourself in an empowered way. 

If you’re struggling, stop responding and managing what is happening. Get out of your mind.  Surrender and allow the discomfort and what feels foreign to the human.

Because IT IS FOREIGN to the human. Until it’s not.

Let what you feel move THROUGH you.

When you get out of the way,  you’ll come to experience all that you’ve been dreaming, desiring, and working hard toward rising up to meet you.

“Get out of the way”… Seems too easy, eh? 

It is easy.  It is only hard to the limiting parts of you being released.

Allow it.  Because what emerges is what you’ve been seeking to find and experience.

💋Kelly Ann

P.S. The new course is a 6 week one on one intensive called “Rebel Rising”.

I’ve known about this new course for some time now. The consciousness for this course has been preparing me to be the vessel.

The preparation has been –

– surrender to the sensations,

– get out of the way and out of my mind,

– trusting the formulation – when it’s ready it will come through,

– allow the unraveling within,

– stillness,

– presence,

– alone time…

The human, who has been conditioned to “do” will be uncomfortable in the preparation phase and surrender process of allowing consciousness, your Wild Genius, and Natural Gifts to come through.

Rebel Rising is a six week one on one intensive for Sensitives Leaders, Artists, and Empathic Entrepreneurs who know there is more to this life than you’re currently experiencing.

: You’re doing all the things and nothing is coming to fruition.

: Your creativity is stagnant.

: Your business is halted.

: Your money goes up then back down again.

: Your love life is not what you know it could be. 

You’re ready to unleash what is within but, you’ve been scared and hesitant. Wondering if your ideas will work out. Afraid of what people will think of you. Trying to figure out what you’ll do if it fails – BEFORE you even attempt anything.

And, maybe doubting your entire existence.

Clients who have come into this 6 week container have come out with clarity, inspiration, direction, drive, passion….

They discover clarity on what they truly desire.

They fiercely make bold moves that catapult them forward in their business, art and relationships.

They have the confidence to take action on the ideas and inspiration that comes through them.

They gain a deep level of trust – in themselves and life.

In this empowered state of being, they feel at peace in surrender and allowing.  

Rebel Rising is for the one who knows they are meant to do this life their way and are ready to go beyond the limitations they’ve been struggling against and freely express the consciousness moving through them.

If you are ready to be stripped of what holds you back and embody the who you are that your heart and soul knows is possible, message me to apply.

Spaces are limited to 8.  We begin 8/8/19. Your investment is $1,997 (payment plans available).

There is also an optional, additional in-person 2 day / overnight retreat in Connecticut on 9/20 & 9/21.


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