Your crazy is what they seek

Your brand of crazy is exactly what your clients are looking for.

{Why it’s been hard to attract ideal clients and the simple shift to click in}

There are plenty of love, light, boss babes out there. Your level of spice, energy, truth is what your ideal client is seeking.

Who you are you can’t be learned in a workshop or by getting certified.

Certify yourself, babe.

The very thing about you that you’ve been told is “wrong or bad” or that you need to change is very likely your Wild Genius.

But, because others couldn’t handle it and you learned to squash it down and hide parts of you.

And it’s impacting your business and your money.

In fact, when I clear the core fear and energy holding a client back, ALL areas of their lives shift.

Romantic partners can now find them, soul tribe friends show up, raving fans share their work for them, they lose weight, opportunities appear “out of nowhere”, they take the bold leaps and make fierce choices that align them with the experiences their heart desires.

You can’t hide one part of yourself without other parts being hidden.

Were you told there was something you needed to hide or hold back about yourself?

Did you trigger others by simply being you?

What are you afraid of will happen if you were to unleash what is within you?

What could be possible if you did???

Kelly Ann

You’re meant to show up and share your message, healing, and art YOUR WAY.

Join me for Rebel Rising. It is a six week one on one intensive where you’ll clear the clutter holding back what is real, right and natural for you.

You’ll embody your genius and gifts and confidently share who you are and magnetize to you those you’re here to have an impact.

You’ll tap into your flow and operate from a rhythm that works for you and how you want to show up.

You’ll release the fears, insecurities and mind fuckery that has held you back and be free to share and express yourself unapologetically.

You can do it your way. Let’s find out what that is for you and let it flow through.

Message me for the details. We’ll chat, pressure free, and see if this is a good fit.

Your investment is $1,997 (payment plans available). We start 8/8/19. There are 8 spaces available.

There is also an optional, additional in-person 2 day / overnight retreat in Connecticut on 9/20 & 9/21.


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