Shame…The silent kryptonite to your success and at the root of failure.

If you have been working to change your beliefs only to have the same things manifest and happen over and over again, do you want to know why?


Shame is rooted in beliefs about who you are that are not true. Shame is a liar.

Shame is your kryptonite, Superhuman. Invisibly working against your strengths, power, creation, expression…

Shame had me –
– holding onto excess weight (100 lbs lost),
– attracting relationships where I was betrayed and disrespected,
– hiding and holding back my gifts and knowledge (not having the ripple effect for others healing journey)

It is very difficult to be in flow of life, love, money, health, business when you’re rooted down with shame.

You can mantra, recite, journal all you want into new beliefs. While you can change the belief in your mind, if you don’t get the root out of the system, the weed regrows.

  • It wasn’t a special diet that allowed me lose 100 pounds.
  • It wasn’t the perfect dating profile that shifted the relationships I attracted into my life.
  • It wasn’t a fancy website, funnel, or marketing that brought me together with soulmate clients.

Everything shifted when I did the inner work and uprooted shame.

Is there shame in your system?

When shame is at the root, it’s like an invisible underground feeding system that operates below the surface. 

A slow drip, feeding subconscious beliefs such as “I’m not worthy, I’m not enough, I don’t know my purpose, no one will buy my (insert brilliant idea)” stopping you from expressing your superpowers (your message, healing, and art). 

Here’s the thing…to pluck out the weeds by the root, you don’t have to relive the events or process the emotions in the entire shame system. That is so 1979. 

It’s 2020. Energy and consciousness work gets right to the root and releases it – creating fertile ground for new growth. 

Growth of your Superhuman self to emerge and have a ripple effect on the world. 

Energy work and consciousness alchemizes kryptonite of shame into your Superpowers so you are no longer weighed down and stick. 

You’re free and strong to do what you’re here to be and do. 

It doesn’t have to hurt or take long to release it.

It actually hurts more and has a deeper impact when you choose to not do address what is happening at the root. 🖤


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