When manifesting is hard

When manifesting is hard…

What do you want to manifest? Love, money, clients…?

Manifesting feels hard and isn’t working because it is not about ‘making something happen’; it is about ALLOWING it.

Allowing yourself to RECEIVE the Love, Money, Clients…

So you can –

– have the romantic partner who sees you, knows you, honors you.

– share your art, message, healing freely and with confidence.

– have the experiences money will allow.

What prevents you from allowing and receiving is an unfounded shame, guilt, fear, betrayal, heartbreak…

Those are just some of the invisible, subconscious barriers and walls you keep up to prevent the same past pain from happening again.

But, those same invisible barriers and walls also keep out what you’re desiring to manifest.

Manifesting is not an outward focus, it is an inner focus.

Clear the barriers and walls (while remaining empowered) and what is meant for you comes with ease.

The barriers and walls are within, not outside of you.  They manifest there for you to SEE what is happening inside.


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