When the heaviness shows up

When the heaviness shows up at your door (depression, anxiety, fear..,), you don’t have to let it in. ⁣

The reason it shows up is not because of what is happening outside of you. ⁣

It’s because there is a match to what you’re holding inside of you. ⁣

The metaphorical door dash is delivering what your soul ordered to show you what you’re holding onto – that’s hurting you.

The suffering you are choosing. ⁣

Old pain, patterns, programs…⁣

When the heaviness shows up, ask “Is this mine?” ⁣

What isn’t yours will leave. (Empaths and Sensitives – this is such an important practice!)⁣

What remains is for you.⁣

For you to go into and through. ⁣

To finally resolve and dissolve the past pains. ⁣

To unveil the divine being you are underneath the lessons and initiation provided to help you remember your true self. ⁣

Much love to you as your journey in and through what is being delivered – for you.


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