When things feel intense…

Does it feel intense? Energies, upgrades, and integration can feel that way. ⁣

When you’re feeling it, don’t make yourself wrong or bad for doing different or strange things that help you ground the energy. ⁣

You become more energy sensitive as you clear away past pains, traumas and fears.⁣

In the cleared space, the essence of who you are begins to integrates into your human.⁣

The integration processes can feel uncomfortable and confusing. ⁣

This is where many stop. ⁣

Don’t. Keep going. ⁣

Learn to work with the discomfort, confusion, and what is happening in your body and life. ⁣

The integration process can be like walking, riding a bike, or skiing for the first time… a little clumsy, awkward, uncomfortable, scary.⁣

The process requires you to #unfuckyourmind and drop into deep trust of yourself and life. ⁣

This is how and where you break patterns and get out of cycles. Your choices. ⁣

Choices to keep going – into and through the uncomfortable spaces. ⁣

A requirement to move forward in your life⁣
is that you no longer operate and choose from fear, pain, trauma…⁣

With that said, this stuff will likely come up through your process. ⁣

Don’t stop there. ⁣

The integration journey will feel like the scariest thing you do and will bring the most amazing, awe inspiring rewards. ⁣

Where you are headed… the cluttered mind is going to become more cumbersome.⁣

The next wave of leaders are being called forth. ⁣

Your journey has been the initiation. ⁣

New world. New ways. ⁣

Are you ready to get out of the way?


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