When discomfort arises…

What has not been healed or is left unresolved is going to come to the surface as you choose to move beyond your current experiences.⁣

As you move beyond to -⁣
:: launch your business, share your art, healing or message, ⁣
:: open your heart to love & relationship,⁣
:: allow more money to come in,⁣
:: be healthier – in mind and body…⁣

As you move beyond your status quo and into your next experience, what has held you in the comfort of the old will rise up.⁣

– The strong mechanisms you created to protect yourself against feeling pain will pop up. ⁣

– The subconscious behaviors that keep you ‘safe’ automatically operate. ⁣

– The buried beliefs about your worthiness and enoughness speak to you and stop you.⁣

Don’t stop at the discomfort. ⁣

DIVE IN. It is where the pattern and energy is transformed.⁣

Through the other side is what you seek.


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