Are you having a hard time trying to hold it all together?

Are you afraid one slip and you’ll lose yourself and won’t recover?⁣

I get it. It’s a scary, dark, unknown space and process you can’t control. ⁣

It’s like a birthing a baby. ⁣

Except you really can’t stop a baby from coming through. ⁣

When you try and stop your own birthing, losing, and shedding process, it becomes more challenging to manage. ⁣

What’s really happening is -⁣
– these internal mechanisms you’ve created to feel safe, ⁣
– the beLIEfs that keep you limited, ⁣
– the old traumas, pains, betrayal keeping you trapped, ⁣
– the patterns keeping you small…⁣
…must be lost and shed for the new to birth through. ⁣

You’ve asked for more and better in your life. ⁣

The next version of you is birthing through. ⁣

It can feel raw and vulnerable. ⁣

Your sensitivities heighten, you feel more, you see more, hard truths unveiled…⁣

Breath through it. ⁣
Move your body. ⁣
Surrender. ⁣

Your next level Big Magic is birthing through you.


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