Conscious, Empowered Creation

Do you see a common thread below?

:: Quantum mechanics says, reality is what you choose it to be.

:: A Course in Miracles teaches a shift in perspective creates miracles.

:: The meaning of life is the meaning you choose to give it.

The common thread is YOU.

Choice, perspective, meaning… putty you create your experiences from. ⁣

Your feelings drive the energy to materialize. 

The challenges many face in this arena are where their mind, energy, consciousness, and emotions are operating from. #unfuckyourmind

Here are a few reflective questions and insights to clear any barriers to having clarity for yourself and your creations.

Are you using your power of choice to experience and feel what you desire to?

When people tell me where they feel frustrated, stuck, or afraid, I can see they are running an old program and haven’t really chosen what they want – even though they’ve said “I want ________”. 

Choose it and allow it to come. 

Is your focus on what you want to feel more of?

When there is pain, trauma, or fear of something from the past happening again, I see many struggle because they are actually focused more on what they don’t want or are afraid of happening again.

Choose what you really want to feel. 

Is the meaning you are making creating the reality you desire the outcome of?

Projections of pain, fear, lack, limitation, betrayal, loss, etc. typically fill in the blanks to less than desirable experiences people have –  causing their own suffering.  

Take emotion out of it.  You will have a clearer space to understand the truth of the experience and how it is FOR YOU. 


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