Where your attention goes, energy flows.

I didn’t –
:: heal decade-plus of trauma I experienced by focusing on what happened to me,

:: lose 100 pounds by drilling into why I couldn’t lose weight,

:: create my life and relationships by focusing on the limitations I was conditioned by,

:: open a business in alternative healing modalities by worrying about failing or what others would think…

I focused forward. It wasn’t always easy.

There is a pull, an addiction to healing, and programming that keeps you trapped in cycles and patterns.

To create new, you will break rules, you will unhinge from what you’ve been told, you will be a rebel to those who want to tame you.

You will #unfuckyourmind and set yourself free.

Not everyone will come with you.

Is your fear of going it alone, looking insane, or not fitting in keeping the life meant for you trapped inside?

You may look crazy to others. I became accustom to it. UNTIL I shifted my reality in such a way I drew others, like me, into my life.

Those who know, see, feel what is not visible to those trapped in confines and programs designed to keep many distracted and in amnesia to who they really are.

Be aware of distractions and come back to your creation.

Create the new by putting all your attention and energy in that direction.


If this message inspires you, I have a private Facebook group called Wonderland where the focus is creation and exploration of beyond your physical experience.


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