Follow your inner guidance… even when it’s scary

You never know where it is really leading you.

Five years ago I left Connecticut on a one-way flight with only a place to stay for three weeks.

I ended a relationship, packed everything I owned in storage, and flew to Colorado (I sold my house the year before this).

My friends were leaving for a 14-day honeymoon. I stayed at their place and knew I needed to be out of there when they returned from their tropical island, baby-making holiday.

I didn’t have a home to return to CT either.

When I decided to pack up and GO, I didn’t have a full plan and I didn’t know how or IF it would all work out.

I listened to the deep guidance within – not the fear.

This journey led me to so much growth, healing, expansion, and shifts in consciousness.

Trust, faith, and surrender were my guide.

And… I ended up staying in Colorado for seven months. I made a lot of great connections there that I still have to this day.

The best connection made…? The one with the greater aspect of myself – beyond this human body.

Inner knowing, self-trust, courage… First-hand witness to the miracles that come after surrender…

The best decisions aren’t always the easiest decisions. They’ll probably scare the fuck outta you too.

Do it anyway.


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