Illuminated: Shine the light on your subconscious and make the unconscious, conscious.  

  • Release your patterns and cycles of emotional ups and downs and feel emotionally empowered.
  • Release trapped energy – causing physical and emotional discord so you can feel lighter, pain-free, inspired, get your creativity back your nervous system.  
  • Create shifts in your mind, body, and energy so you can move past what is holding you back and finally feel free to be creative, expressive, healthy, motivated…

Live Life Illuminated.

A three-week online group course held inside a private Facebook group.

More information about the course as well as other videos can be found here.

In this short video, I speak about what is happening when your energy is all over the place and your emotions are up and down.

If you feel like you’re carrying extra energy (manifests in aches, pains, extra weight),

If you feel have a hard time hearing your intuition (manifests as confusion. self-sabotage),

If you’ve done the mindset but haven’t gotten over the hump (manifests as patterns),

and you are ready to have a different experience, it is time to do something different.

Past trauma can keep you in a survival mindset – that can’t be changed at the same level it was created. You’ve got to go beyond and to where it originated.

Very important to note! This is not about digging into old trauma and past stories of pain.

This is about creating shifts in your emotional well-being at the root level of creation – Energy and Consciousness.

Listen / watch this video and come back to this space for updates. I’ll also be doing videos on my Facebook page. Be sure to connect here too.

What you’ll learn

If your emotions are causing you chaos, your relationships are triggering (you and/or them), and you’re wondering if you’ll ever feel better, I’ll show you how to get to the root of what is happening and release the patterns and cycles of emotional ups and downs.

If your energy is low, you’ve been achy, have pains, chronic issues and it is getting in the way of living your life and doing the things you want to be doing, I’ll show you how to clear your energy and release the excess so you can feel lighter, pain-free, inspired, get your creativity back (some results from past clients after energy work).

If you have done all the mindset work but, trauma and pain still linger in your thoughts, show up in what you attract, and it is affecting how you feel about yourself and life, I’ll guide you to deeper levels of your subconscious and show you how to shift the perceptions so you can move beyond what is holding you back and finally feel free to be creative, expressive, healthy, motivated (again, past examples from clients).

Details for the online group

  • The group will meet inside a private Facebook group for three weeks.
  • There will be three live video trainings on
    • energy clearing
    • emotional empowerment
    • subconscious shifts
  • The live replays will be available – if you can’t catch live.
  • You’ll have my support inside the space to ask your questions
  • You’ll be with a community of like-minded superhumans there expand their experiences, empower their minds, and release the density in their fields.
  • The group will also be about sharing your wins, shifts, manifestations…

We start Monday, February 17th – March 6th, 2020.

Doors to this course will close. Jump in now.

Your investment

1. For this 3-week group course, trainings, and the private container, your investment is $247.

Click here to reserve your space.

2. Do you feel like going a bit deeper and having personalized guidance and energy work? There is a VIP option – add a private, 30 minute one on one session.

For the course and the private call, the investment is $347. Here is the link for the VIP bonus.


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