Are you willing to allow the experiences you say you want to have?

Are you willing to have a different experience? You say you want inner peace, health, romantic love, etc. but, something is in the way. Right?!?

Deeply you know what you desire is possible but, why isn’t it happening for you?

Because the change has to happen at the core of origination – beyond your thoughts and mindset.

To fully clear what is operating under the surface, you’ve got to go deeper within you to where the energy, aspects and survival mechanisms are operating.

Your codes need clearing and recalibrating. 

When that is resolved, you have access to energy you can put toward creation, pleasure, play – whatever you choose. 

Every session I’ve had this month they’ve said “I FEEL LIGHTER”.  

That happens when you let go of stuff you’ve been grasping and holding onto. 

It doesn’t have to take a long time to clear, heal, and recalibrate.  You simply have to be willing.


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