Are you stuck in survival mode?

Inner aspects of you were developed to survive through past traumatic events. 

Whether they were big ‘T’ or little ‘t’ trauma, the inner aspect created an automatic response mechanism to keep you ‘safe’.

And, just like your heart operates automatically, so do these subconscious aspects and survival mechanisms.

Anything that feels like a threat to you, will be thwarted by this automatic response stored in the background of your subconscious.

Threats can look like –
: having the love or money you want, 
: allowing yourself to be seen,
: sharing your message and art,
: building a business you desire,
: being thinner / losing weight

When trauma is left unresolved – where you went right into survival – the energy of the event and emotions remain in your body.

This will cause you to feel stuck, confused, angry, overwhelmed, spinning in circles – hitting up against the same problem over and over (just a few symptoms).

To resolve trauma and the impacts it has on your life, these inner aspects running the survival response through your system are what need to be addressed – not just your beliefs, thoughts, and mindset.

You haven’t been able to release the aspects and mechanisms prior because they were created to keep you safe – now ‘safe’ from the things you desire to have.  

If you’re frustrated that all your ‘doing’, showing up, sharing isn’t working or your feeling stuck and heavy,  that is why. 


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