The good stuff is outside your comfort zone

Are you really choosing what you say you want for yourself? Or is there an inner voice that pops in and tells you all the reasons you can’t have it, do it, be it? ⁣⁣⁣

I had one. ⁣

I called this survival aspect of myself the “problem creator”. ⁣

A while back I fired it. But, first I had to become aware of it. ⁣

It was not about the external circumstances manifesting. ⁣

It was about how I was creating, participating and being available for them. ⁣

Once I was aware, I had a choice. ⁣

I chose to no longer available for the “problem creator” and, because this aspect was so good and effective, I rehired it with a new role of “Possibilities Creator”. ⁣

It has been working out well. ⁣

My piece is to listen, follow the guidance, and take the actions. ⁣

Even when it doesn’t make sense or when it feels scary. ⁣

It’s going to feel scary outside you’re comfort zone. ⁣

That’s why making choices guided by your knowing and aligned with what you really want versus where you are and what you’re afraid of losing will make alllll the difference in the outcome and your life experiences. ⁣

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