When you’re ready for a breakthrough…

We are in some intense energy waves and upgrades.  Some will feel it more than others.  Some are not going where you are headed.

If you are feeling it, you are being invited to head deeper and further into what you are feeling.

What has not been healed or resolved is going to come to the surface.

For some, this will be painful past experiences you’ve created strong mechanisms against feeling the pain.

But, you can’t take it with you any longer – at least not to where you say you want to be.

You can’t take the pain nor the automated squashing down mechanisms.

So, how do you work with what comes up?

:: Be present with what you feel.
:: Become aware of any automatic mechanism that stops your feelings from rising up.
:: Be present to the sensations in your body.
:: Don’t try to change anything or make what you are feeling wrong.
:: Breathe as you’re being aware of what is happening in your body.
:: If you’ve become aware about a buried belief about yourself or life, be present to that and notice what it feels like in your body.

It is way less painful to go through the temporary discomfort than it is to keep managing these past pains, limiting patterns, and old traumas.

Take the chances as they come!  It is the invitation from your Higher Self.

On the other side of this process and through the healing is what you have been seeking and asking for – 

  • the clarity
  • confidence
  • guidance
  • courage
  • inner peace
  • empowerment
  • creativity

The physical manifestations – 
– money,
– partner,
– healed / healthy body,
– soulmate clients,
– opportunities…
All these come from a solid foundation in you.

You are a part of birthing a New Earth.

What is rising up for tilling and clearing does not resonate with the new energy. 

It has to go.  If it is rising up, you are ready. 


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It is a great fit for Sensitive Leaders, Empathic Entrepreneurs, and Conscious Creators.

Your readiness is a key requirement. 

Fear may still be there – that is only your limitations not wanting to be annihilated. 


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