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Empower. What is possible for you?

A distraction to your growth and expansion is when you become involved in the details of the chaos created to bring forth the annihilation of your limitations, fears, and blocks.

The chaos isn’t a ‘bad’ thing.  It is showing you what you are aligned with and what you are available for.

The chaos is an indication you’re going through an up level.

All the chaos is leading you and making available to you energy to use and create the changes you seek#energyalchemy

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Life is perfectly designed to bring you what you ask for – to guide you to be the person you say you want to be, and to align you with the love, money, business you desire.

But, you’ve got to let the chaos do its thing. Allow the limitations and fears to be annihilated, be guided into alignment with your vision, and become the person who lives this up leveled life.

New arrives through the annihilation of what no longer serves you.

The annihilation of the aspects of you that

  • abandon yourself,
  • keep yourself in victim mentality,
  • have you people pleasing,
  • don’t allow your desires to be fulfilled,
  • are focused on lack,
  • are dragged down by fear…

These aspects must be annihilated for you to go next level. For you to be the person you say you want to be and live the life you say you want to live.

And, if you are here to bring transformative work to the world and guide others through their healing and next level, you’ve got to be able to hold the expanded vibration yourself.

When you alchemize the limiting aspects, beliefs, and fears, you become open to all possibilities – beyond what your limited mind was tuned into. You become empowered to make choices that bring you to the next level.  You remember how truly powerful you are.

It is not the other way around.

You see, you need to become the person first, THEN the experiences manifest and align to match who YOU are.

Super Full Moon

I’ve been annihilated so many times… I barely recognize my past self. If you knew me then, you don’t know me now.

I’ve struggled my way through.  I’ve been pulled into the undertow of emotions.  I’ve gotten caught up in the chaos for hours, days, weeks, months.  I was stuck in patterns of pain and struggle.

I learned a way through.  An easier way.

I learned how to use the chaos showing up in my experiences as a guide to what I was in alignment with and available for.  I learned how to take the energy stirred up from the chaos, emotions, and pain and alchemize it for creation and my evolution.

I didn’t always know these things.  I thought I was at the mercy of what was happening to me and working hard to resolve the issue at hand – the relationship, boss, bank account, body, etc.  I believed the answers and resolution were outside of me.  I sought and searched through the struggle – always knowing there was more and better available.

I never gave up on myself and I found my way.

I’ve transmuted the limiting beliefs of not being enough.  I’ve remembered my power and pulled it back from the people and things outside of me.  I alchemized my vibrational frequency beyond the trauma, heartbreak and pain from my past.  I learned to use energy to create.  I shifted my perspectives and my life changed.

If you are like me and know deeply more and better is available and possible for you, join me in a six week one on one journey of identifying your biggest block (shifting this shifts ALL areas of your life) and learning to use energy to create the shifts you’re ready for.  No longer getting pulled into the chaos but, taking the chaos and directing the energy into creation.


6 weeks 1:1 – you and I, private mentoring, 24/7 access.  Me in your back pocket through your 6 weeks of evolution, change, and uplevel.  Click this link for investment information and to apply. 

Due to the level of support and energy exchange, spaces are limited. 

For the fierce Healer, Leader and Mentor ready to come out of hiding, stop flying under the radar, and align with the powerful aspects already within you to create the ripple effect you’re here to bring to the world.

Empower is for you if you are ready to release the root fears that hold you back, alchemize the energy of your inner shadow aspects, transmute the underlying triggers that keep you trapped.

We’ll fire your ego from working your spiritual evolution, healing, and expansion process.

We’ll get to the root of your biggest barrier, block, and limitation that has been in your way and making things so hard so you can move forward with ease and allow in all you’ve been struggling to make happen for yourself and your life.

We’ll clear out the energetic chaos, subliminal programming, and subconscious beliefs that have you anchored to your current reality and take quantum leaps into the experiences you’ve only tapped into through your dreams.

You’ll have the clarity, confidence, and courage to take those next steps.

Because when you shift what is within, everything around you shifts to meet you there. 

It is already always happening. Is it time you took charge of what your experience looks and feels like?

Applications open on March 4th. 

Here is the link to apply and investment information.

Have questions? Message me through the link or hello at kellyanncory dot com.  


When truth hurts

I know you asked, but can you handle the TRUTH?
Truth hurts. Until it doesn’t.
Truth is intended to disturb the false lies, inner limitations, victim mentality, the bullshit stories you tell yourself.
Your triggered response is an indicator there is something within, not serving you ready for release.
Truth stops hurting when you’re standing in your power, the truth comes, and you do something with it.
You don’t lash out, internalize it, or use the trigger to ignite drama as a distraction.
When you’re in your power, you feel the internal trigger, you recognize where you’re lying to yourself, you alchemize the energy holding the vibrational discord in place and you carry on.
The trigger is FOR you. 
For you to let go of –
– the bullshit story you’re telling yourself about why you can’t, aren’t enough, don’t have the time.
– all the bullshit stories bypassing your knowing of where you are SETTLING for less, allowing others to cross your boundaries and piss on your values.
– the crap you took on from others about what you aren’t capable of or the diagnosis, story, beliefs they handed you.
If any or all of this is happening, you should be triggered! And be grateful to the person in their power reflecting the BS back and where you’re out of integrity with yourself.
Truth is energy.
Destructive energy designed to disrupt what isn’t true. Designed to destroy YOU until you claim and own it.
When you claim your truth and own it, you stand in your power of what you are and are not available for. You are unwavering in your standards. You become a conduit to receive nothing less than a match to your highest and best.
You quit lying to yourself. And life responds accordingly.
Get super honest with yourself now and take a look around at where your ego is running the show, what behaviors you have in place defending your limitations, the fears you hold keeping you from stepping into the life you say you want.
The truth will set you free.
Can you handle it?
I promise you… It is worth it.
P.S. Are you ready to be free? To clear the subconscious lies limiting you from what you deeply know is possible and available to you?
I can’t NOT see the truth.
When a client comes to my work, they are ready for their limitations to be disturbed.
Seeing the energetic discord and knowing the truth my client needs to hear to shift them into what they’re here to do and experience is my superpower.
The temporary discomfort they feel, as truths blast out the lies, outweigh the years of stuckness, patterns, holding back what is meant for them.
I have TWO spaces available for private one on one clients. If this resonates with you, and you’re ready to be free from what binds you, message me here about the options available. We’ll chat and be sure we’re a good fit for this transformative work.

How resentment holds you back and down

Resentment is the righteous cousin of the victim. 
Resentment is a belief that someone has wronged you and you need to be right about it. 
Holding onto resentment is like holding a hot stone and blaming another for your pain. 
Sure, shitty stuff happens but, holding onto resentment toward another gives your power to them. 
No one else is responsible for your feelings. 
What you can and have the power to do is take a look at what the circumstances are reflecting back to you about your beliefs. 

Resentment is a mere signal from your Soul that YOU are allowing something to happen that is not aligned with what is real, right, and true for you. 

Is somebody treating you poorly, taking advantage of you, disrespecting you….? 
Well, you’re allowing it. 
The person is not in your life any longer and their name and how they’ve done you wrong still rolling from your lips? 
Victim. Giving away your power. Allowing your energy to leak. 
The feelings that trigger resentment are signals from Soul to spark a shift, speak up, make the necessary changes to come back to your truth. 
It is not for you to hold onto. 

You teach people how to treat you and attract people into your life to mirror back your beliefs. 

These circumstances and people that trigger you are a gift to help you see a belief you can’t see for yourself. A belief that doesn’t serve you. 
You’re being signaled. A change is necessary. 
Holding onto resentment only burns you and it gets hotter until you do something about it.
Are you ready to let go of resentment? 
– Thank the person (silently) for showing you what you couldn’t see for yourself. 
– Forgive them and yourself. 
– Make the changes in your beliefs the resentment triggered. 
Then watch ALL areas of your life shift. 
Because core beliefs affect EVERYTHING. The resentment was simply a signal you’re out of alignment.  
Are you ready to break the patterns you have in money, relationship and health?
Do you want to pluck out the root of the core beliefs manifesting and attracting the shitty circumstances?
Many of your core beliefs have been passed down from other. Or you’ve been pained and created a belief to protect you from being hurt again.
Your subconscious holds these beliefs tightly.  You are blind to them because they’ve become automatic operating mechanisms. It is how you’ve learned to move about life. 
But, BUT! if you’re feeling resentful, frustrated, angry…. And not taking action to shift and change…?
You are getting in your own way. 
Are you ready to get out of the way? 
My super power is reading energy and identifying core beliefs that keep you from aligning, doing and feeling what you deeply know is possible and available to you. 
I will guide you out of your own way. I’ll identify and clear the beliefs and energy stopping you up. 
From that space – old blocks and beliefs cleared and what you ’ve been working so hard toward but haven’t quite gotten there comes into alignment.
The business, money, health, relationship… It all starts within. 
I have 2 spaces for private one on one work. A good match for this work is one who knows more and better is available, knows it begins within, and is ready to do the things necessary to get out of the way and allow the life that wants to make its way through to you. 
How do you know? It’s in your dreams and desires.
You’re not given a dream or desire that isn’t possible. 
Now that you know, what will you choose? 

Do you have a cap on PLEASURE?

A cap on pleasure in life experiences, relationships, having a successful business, your body, sharing your art, being the fullest expression of who you are…
Your pleasure cap, glass ceiling, stop pattern might not be noticeable.

The pleasure cap is a subconscious pattern that when things feel really good, you’re in flow, feeling happy and then boom – something happens and you’re in a heavier, lower vibe state of being, stressed out and distracted.

Some kind of life event, drama or chaos shows up. A diversion from where you were headed now taking all your attention.

It seems really real. But, if you knew what a powerful creator you are, you’d be creating more of what you DO WANT.

For years I didn’t recognize this subconscious pattern I held within. When things would be going really well, some kind of bomb would drop in and bring me back down – off my ‘high horse’.
It all appeared really important life stuff that needed my attention. A relationship needed resolution, money challenges would pop up, my back would go out…
The events didn’t really need my attention.
What needed my attention was this inner cycle of subconscious self-sabotage that would appear when I got too close to pleasure and happiness.
From an early age I learned a behavior to not be TOO HAPPY because something bad would happen when I was happy and having fun.
That learned behavior of stopping my own pleasure and happiness carried through much of my life as a way of self preservation – to not get hurt, feel pain, lose what was good.
I didn’t even know it was a pattern until I became so frustrated at what was happening in my life. 

-The cycle of losing weight to only gain more back.
– Relationships / dating going really well, then not.
– Financial abundance and flow then a full on stop and empty bank account.
Deeply I knew more and better was available but, I couldn’t seem to get past the glass ceiling. The stop point just became a way of being that I learned a behavior to work around.
I thought this was just how life was. It is NOT.
I was subconsciously running this stop pattern and sabotaging my own pleasure and happiness from subliminal fear of what could happen. A learned response to protect me from pain of too much pleasure.
Once identified and cleared, the pattern no longer held me back. I could manifest, attract, and allow more of what I wanted into my life – and it remained in my life.
Take a look for yourself at when life seems to take a down hill turn for you. What was happening for you prior? Where were you headed?
This happens in –
: Relationships – things going so great then, a fight will break out. Or, being single, you decide to get out and start dating again and you get sick.
: Health routine – on a good stride then, you fall off the wagon.
: Money – making good bank then, some high priced necessary expense comes up.

Getting to the core of the pattern / pleasure cap is key to getting up and over the hill and keep going. To allow yourself full out happiness and pleasure.

It is not that you aren’t doing the right things to get you headed in the direction you say you want to be… it might be that you have a cap on pleasure.
So, if you’re doing all the things but, can’t seem to be and experience what you know is possible, you likely have a pleasure cap pattern within.
Your system is ready for a defrag – clear out what no longer serves you. In fact, a pleasure cap, likely the very thing in your way of what you say you want.
Nothing outside you can resolve this. It starts within.
You, your life, is very much worth your time and attention. Because if the desire is within you, it is possible.
Are you ready to explore and clear YOUR pleasure cap?
Once a pattern is identified, the clearing affects ALL areas of your life.
I worked with a client looking for LOVE. I identified core belief she held about who she was. She would attract dates but, never ideal matches.
When I read her energy and cleared the vibration she was giving out and operating from, she attracted more dates that matched who she was looking for.
She is now married.
She also hit 6 figures in her biz that year and became an International speaker.
You are meant for pleasure and to experience the dreams in your heart. Are you ready to clear what is in your way?
Once the cap, pattern, vibration is cleared, the ‘work’ gets to be about CREATION.
I currently have space for 3 private clients. You are one of them if you know more is possible and available and you’re ready and willing to do what it takes to move through the invisible limitations and co-create more of what your heart and Soul desires.
Whether it be love, money, health, business… once the core limitation is cleared, so much opens and becomes available. Like taking a boulder out of the way of a flowing stream. Flow!
Message me here. I’ll send you the details and ensure we’re a good fit for this transformative energy work.

Are you in a deficit from borrowing time?

You know – the ideas you’ve had mulling through your mind but, you haven’t quite taken action on? Your business, art, expression of you still lingering in your mind waiting for “the right time” to start.


“I’ll start Monday”, “When ‘such and such’ is in place I’ll start”, “After ‘blah, blah, blah’ I’ll do it”…

Does your job have you stuck in a comfort zone? Have you let other areas of life, people or events distract you from doing the damn things?

Oh, and your story of ‘perfection’ is also a well, story.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret….

There is no perfect time. There will always be an excuse. Starting is the hardest part.

You just have to rip the bandaid off and do it. Take the action. Do the thing outside of your comfort zone. Drop into Soul flow.

Here is another secret…

What you’re really avoiding is what is under the surface. Your fears, insecurities, stories of what could go wrong and what others might think.

“What if it doesn’t work out”, “What if I make a fool of myself”, “What will people say about me”.

Then the list of excuses why you can’t – because of this/that person, the environment isn’t right, I don’t know enough, I don’t have enough money/time…

The truth…

What is within you is meant to come through you. You have the ideas, dreams and desires because they’re meant for YOU. You are the perfect, divine vessel in which to express and share the ideas, art, creation. It is all there – waiting for you to get out of the way and do it, BE it.

Stop allowing the stories to hold you back. CHOOSE you.

Go within. #unfuckyourmind and set yourself free.

Going within only feels scary to the limitations wanting to hold on and remain in place. You’ve created these inner structures to feel ‘safe’.


Safety, along with time, is an illusion.

Do you see? It is just the stories you have that keep you held back.

Remove the stories and you are FREE to be.

Easier said than done. I get it. But, what are you going to do about it?

– Feel the fear and do it anyway.
– Take the next step.
– Launch your art.
– Share your voice – written or expressed.

What do you need to do to get out of your own way? What is your Soul craving to express?

I can promise you this…

It is WAY more challenging to continue to hold back what wants to come through you than it is to face all the things holding you back.

Once recognized for the illusion they are, the stories, fears, insecurities fall away and you drop into a deeper TRUTH of who you are.

Letting all of you be and express is freedom – on so many levels. Once you’re through, you’ll know and never go back.

Being you is exactly what you came here to be. Who you are is a unique expression the world needs. Your Soul knows.

What are you going to keep listening to? The limitations or your deepest truth?

Take the step. Do the action. 


Because, going into tomorrow, the next day, next year with the inner limitations only creates more of that.

Get out of the way and let your Soul flow through.

Now is all you have.

Kelly Ann

This is precisely my magic – identifying and peeling away the layers of subconscious limitation. My super power is reading your energy field and identifying the core beliefs and patterns in place holding you back.

In our work together, private clients have aligned with their true mission, art, expression. Life feels easier, in flow, and way more FUN. They are creating and being what is natural, real and right for their heart and Soul.

Do you know you are in your own way?

Can you sense more is meant for you?

Are you done working so hard holding yourself back?

I have space for 3 private clients. Is 2019 your year?

If you’re ready to do the damn thing and get out of your way, message me here and I’ll share the options available. We’ll make sure we are a good fit for what you’re ready for before we carry on.

Don’t wait any longer… Putting off what you deeply know is meant for you and holding back Soul flow really only becomes more and more challenging – in all areas of your life.

Message me… Lets do the damn things!


It’s okay to not feel okay sometimes

There is nothing wrong with feeling crappy, having all the feels and visiting shitsville – just don’t stay and move in. 

I’ve been feeling low levels of anxiety moving through me on / off for days (maybe longer).  Depression has dropped in like a huge boulder out of nowhere.

It requires attention and care; I just doesn’t stop me in my tracks any more.

The feelings and sensations come in, I’m aware of them, I listen deeply, then do what is needed.

The first thing I do is not really name it.  I feel it.  I share the terms “anxiety and depression” to bridge the energy and human experience. 

When you define what you feel, your mind goes on a search for evidence and proof of why you’re feeling a certain way.  It is just energy moving through.

The other thing I find helpful in supporting the energy flow is to take a bath.

Last night I soaked for a long while in a hot, over filled tub with luxurious scents in a candle lit room… my body naturally releasing with ease.

No stories.  Just allow.  Not making any of it ‘wrong’.

It kind of reminds me of childbirth (I know I haven’t birthed a child – hang with me here).

When these uplevels and releases move through, there really is no stopping it (like a child about to be born). 

It can feel quite powerful, you wonder if you’ll make it through, you wonder if you can go back and realize its not possible, you want to quit but, you can’t…

The best thing to do is surrender and respond to what is needed.    

The other thing… the timing of all of this energy and consciousness work isn’t always convenient.  Take the time anyway.

Last night I had a couple bunches of friends I could have connected with and had some really FUN times.

It was just a big NO from my Soul.

And, I know it is all part of the process.  I know not to resist. I know what to do when it all comes through so I can move through with ease.

Doesn’t mean its easy.  I just don’t get stuck in the hardness of it all. 

I keep facing forward and doing what is in front of me. 

And sometimes its a 2 hour bath.

On the other side and through it all…there is always an up-level, gifts, more flow, alignment, synchronicity, desires manifest…

Pass through shitsville. Do not move in.

Feel and drop into Soul flow.

Kelly Ann

P.S. Is something feeling extra stuck, need a hand getting out of shitsville, can’t seem to release the disruptive pattern that has popped up, AGAIN, and THAT relationship triggering and you’re ready to release the lesson?

Are you in FLOW and want support in keeping this ELEVATED state of being (are you so over the pattern of expansion / contraction?), message me too.

I am available for private one on one sessions before the end of this year. Message me for details.

The Universe, your Soul is guiding you to take a leap beyond…

The work I do is here to support that… from wherever you are.


The reward of transcending physical pain and healing on all levels

Got lower back pain? Hip pain? Sciatica? Reproductive and sexual organ challenges? 

There is and has been deep, cellular, energetic wound healing and program release occurring. 

Have you been trying to heal and resolve the issues from physical approaches but, things still not resolving? 

Your body is a manifestation of your subconscious mind.

The healing and resolution has to go beyond the physical – to the energetic and consciousness. 

In sessions with clients, some of what is being resolved are 

:: old traumas, too painful to resolve at the time of occurrence,

:: incongruent beliefs taken on as theirs passed down to be transmuted in the now,

:: primal fears on survival…

What is happening within manifests beyond your physical aches as – 

:: financial instability,

:: abrupt life changes,

:: lack of purpose, clarity, creativity, direction,

:: emotional instability,

:: feeling stuck or trapped in circumstances…

If your physical challenges aren’t resolving, the opportunity for you is to go deeper into your consciousness and energetic vibration. 

These shifts can happen rather quickly and some take time to resolve and be comfortable in the new expansion of yourself. 

When the emotional and energetics are cleared, transmuted, resolved, clients –

:: tap into their flow,

:: purpose, drive, creativity, ambition increases,

:: money starts to flow in,

:: they feel inner peace within themselves and all of life,

:: their aligned relationships, community, tribe come in…

A holistic approach (body, mind, spirit) is the only way I’ve had lasting change and results – personally and professionally. 

You are way more than your physical being. Your body is guiding you deeper within yourself and Soul. 

Who you are not is being shed

Just like a butterfly going through metamorphosis sheds and becomes something different, so do you. 

The difference is humans have free will and can grasp on and try to control the change. Until your body says “enough, it’s time”. 

Only addressing the body keeps the subconscious patterns in place manifesting the cycles keeping you frustrated. 

You are frustrated because your Soul is calling forth. Signaling you. Guiding you. Are you listening? 

To hear Soul it is a deep listening. Beyond the subconscious limitations, barriers and beliefs. 

It’s a tuning in. 

Self awareness. 

Soul Alignment.

Emotional mastery. 

Energy management. 

They don’t teach this is school. But, I do. 

// Are you through with managing the discord?

// Are you willing to surrender what is seeking to come through you? 

// Can you let it be easy? 

For those that are a “Hell YES!” I have a few exclusive spaces for private one on one work. Message me at hello at kellyanncory dot com with what resonates for you and what you’re ready for. We’ll see if we are a match for the transformation you seek. 

Once all the gunk is cleared away, it becomes about conscious creation.  And that is a heck of a lot of FUN!!


Why they call it growing pains

You have what it takes within you.

There is a process to growth and expansion.  And, trust me, if there is a shortcut, faster route, cliff notes version… I will know it.  It is just how I am wired.

Before I knew what I know now, I would be in a pattern of taking 5 steps forward and 3 steps back toward my desires and goals.  The pattern and cycles were way more challenging than doing the things it took to attain my goals and attract my desires.

But, after I got to where I was heading, I’d falter back into the same behaviors and habits I had broken and I found myself back at square one.

It was soooo frustrating, hard, shameful, embarrassing, heart breaking…

What I know now is… while the outer manifestation of my goals would appear, I didn’t have within me the mindset and energetic vibration to maintain the expanded version of myself.

The patterns were losing 20 pounds to gain 25, losing 30 to gain 50 back; I download a business idea but shrunk back in fear before I could launch it; I’d have huge sales, big money flow but then bring the accounts down to nothing…

No shame, no guilt, no embarrassment… I learned from it all.  Always learning.

From my journey to where I am now, I learned what it took from within to make the internal shifts, expand my energetic vibration and have the strength and skills to maintain my next levels.

No more 5 steps back.  All forward – now that I know life is for me and knowing how to navigate the energy through the growth process.

Would you like to know how to navigate your energy, growth, journey, and process?   

Check out the replay of this Facebook live video I transmitted yesterday.  The energy coming through was fun, playful and no holds barred.

If you are REALLY ready to go further and deeper on your journey of growth and evolution – with ease and empowerment – email me to inquire about the available private programs exclusively for those who are committed to their Soul growth and personal expansion.

:: Have you been exploring the idea of soul channeled guidance with more intimate one on one support inside a sacred space?

:: Are you ready to break the forward / backward pattern?

:: Are you ready to step in and remain aligned with the expanded vibration?

That’s the funny thing…
The goals and desires were easier to allow and surrender to when I cleared the energy within me and locked into alignment with the expanded parts of myself – vibration, higher self, soul, divine essence.

What becomes available is through who you become.

“Hell YES”?  Message me now.  When you send your email, tell me what you are ready for and why now is the time for you.

Hugs and high fives,
Kelly Ann

P.S. Due to the level of support, there are only a handful of these spaces available and requests are carefully considered.

The sacredness of this work is honored by ensuring we are both a match to where you are and what you are looking for on your journey.

Also FYI… if you have been considering 1:1 work, you may want to jump on board now before the structure and pricing changes in 2019.



You cannot hold back part of yourself without holding back other parts.

Is there something screaming to be liberated from within you?

Every once and a while my therapist would suggest I scream in my therapy session – to release what was being held within for years (decades, even).

A part of me knew screaming was a necessary channel to release. But, every time she invited me to liberate the energy I’d feel like my release would bring the two story brick building we sat in crumbling down.

It’s like opening a closet door and all the contents would come flying out of control.

Until there became no other way and too much effort to hold it all in.

You see, life would manifest to trigger the liberation. Drama, trauma, chaos, betrayal… manifested to match the energy I held within. Life showing up for me to liberate and release what was no longer serving me.

Before I knew the circumstances were FOR me, my focus went to blaming the things outside of me. Trying to fix the circumstances. Not understanding the circumstances were a match to what was within me.

I was angry. Rage would explode out of me. My emotions like a wild rollercoaster. I didn’t know any other way. I thought this was how life was.

I attended a Shadow retreat hosted by the late Debbie Ford. It wasn’t in the course description that there would be a “rage” party at the end of the week.

We all gathered inside a huge open building. The lights were dimmed and we were given eye masks.

Very loud music was played while an assistant spoke harsh words over the loud speaker.

“You’re not enough, you’re worthless, who do you think you are, you’re pitiful, you’re a piece of shit…” and on.

It was as if they knew exactly what I’d been told, been taught who I was, and were running the background tapes from my mind.

The words came through and tore me apart from within. I couldn’t hold it back any longer.

We were instructed to scream, flail our bodies, cry, do whatever we were called to. Anything but be still.

Still waters create algae.

Same with still energy.  Holding within what wants to flow creates stagnation.

When I liberated the pain, trauma and energy within, I liberated others parts of me I didn’t have access to previously.

My heart, love, compassion, creativity, healing capabilities, confidence, ability to connect with others more deeply, more energy…

My energetic vibration was up-leveled. It, I was no longer being weighed down by the heavier things.

I was freer to be a fuller expression of myself and tap into who I am behind this physical experience.

As I liberated myself and the energy within,

– I became the healer I am today,

– I’ve created safe connections with people who adore and appreciate me,

– I’ve had the strength to do the hard things,

– I attracted up-leveled experiences that are a match to what is with me,

– I’ve done things I never thought I’d be able to do,

– I know how to navigate energy versus is navigating me,

– I aligned with my inner truth versus walking around with the constructs and programs placed on me by others…. and so much more.

As I’ve liberated some parts of me, I’ve liberated ALL parts of me.

Life is so much easier to be in flow as I’m not putting so much energy in trying to hold the closest door back from exploding open.

I invite you to explore where you’re feeling held back, stuck, stagnant. To investigate, open up to the parts of you held back and ready to be liberated.

The desire is enough to get started. Life will show up with the opportunities. Say “YES” to yourself and what appears for you.

I am the Queen of My Universe group is open and members are already experiencing the magic and expansion the energy coming through is offering.

We’ll be exploring together 21 days of unfucking your mind, releasing limitations, dropping into Soul, expanding your energetic vibration and taking your experiences next level.

This potent energy is coming through powerfully.

There are 4 BONUS 1:1 calls with me left. In your 30 minute laser session, you’ll receive an intuitive reading, soul channeled insight and energy clearing to tap into your next vibration.




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I am the Queen of My Universe

Some say the hardest part is starting. I say the hardest part is CHOOSING. Because of all of the things in your way of choosing in the first place.

Isn’t it the truth? You choose but then something stops you from following through. 

Fears, limitations, insecurities, self-doubt pop up.

Thinking mind takes over and starts to analyze success rates, safety issues, past evidence. And a whole other lot of mind fuckery.

Want to know the secret?

Choose and follow through. Just do the damn thing.

When I chose freedom, I had to let go of all that kept me bound. I left a steady corporate paycheck and pursued doing my own thing.

When I chose love, I had to let go of all that wasn’t really love. I left an 11-year relationship and engagement and that brought me to my spiritual path and business.

When I chose connection, I had to face the internal pieces keeping from connecting with myself. I released the wounds and programming that said I want good enough.

You can’t be the Queen and a Victim at the same time. 

And, you see, it’s really not the physical and outer manifestations you deeply crave. It’s what you want to FEEL when those things are in your experience.

You’ve got to CHOOSE what you say you want to feel.

Stay out of your head.
Drop into your heart.
Listen to your Soul.
Take inspired action.

It’s simple. Not always easy. 

The inner limitations, fears and past pains feel so real.

Rather than feed the fears, take your energy and mindset and set it to the outcome you’re ready to experience.

It’s energy and mindset. And you have the power to shift it.

Are you ready for support to make the internal shifts?
Are you ready to do the damn thing you’ve said you’ve wanted to do?

Next monthly group opens 12/1/2018 –
“I am the Queen of My Universe”

21 days of unfucking your mind, dropping limitations and energy alchemy to tap into your next level vibration.

Is it about time you took your throne back and stopped hustling around with the jokers?

Every time I made choice from an empowered space, life saddled up and matched me.

Because we are vibrational beings. What you are tuned into is what your experiences will be.

Grab your crown, let’s do all the things. 


“Working with Kelly Ann has guided me to push through, break free and align myself. This has shown me how to navigate through life in a different manner. She has set up space for me to shut off, vibrate out, and work through the things that were holding me back.

Thoughts, beliefs, and experiences that would have taken years in therapy to overcome.  Together this work was done in a 4 week program. YES, only 4 weeks !!!!” ~ Melissa V.


I am the Queen of My Universe starts 12/1/2018

Inside this sacred container of the online Facebook group –

21 days of

  • Unfucking your mind,
  • Dropping limitations,
  • Energy alchemy practices,
  • Tapping into your next level vibration
  • Two live transmissions
  • Individual Energy Readings and Intuitive Soul Guidance

You’ll have direct access to me and my psychic insight into your blind spots, fears, subconscious beliefs…  Whatever you need to uplevel and tap into the expanded vibration you are ready for.

The energy transmissions I provide will open up and activate your Queen energy, uplevel your mindset, blast out subconscious limitations, and support the sustained expansion of your energy field.

Dates of the live transmission TBD.  If you need a schedule and a lot of advanced notice on the live transmissions, this may not be for you.  I honor the energy and my role as the Channel for it.

BONUS: For the first 8 who register, you receive one – 30 minute private 1:1 laser focus call ($120 value)

Grab yours now, before they are gone or before the doors to the course close on 12/6.






Uplevel to Queen VIP

VIP includes the course PLUS an additional 30 minute 1:1 call.

—> If you are one of the first 8 to register and snag the bonus call, you get a FULL HOUR call.

Your VIP call can be used at the same time as your bonus (if you snag one right away) or two separate calls.




With this option, the course is essentially free!

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