What is really stopping you?

Does self-doubt stop you?

Does fear keep you from choosing?

Is your mind a cobweb of confusion?

Go deeper.

If you keep hitting up against glass ceilings, can’t get out of your own way, repeating patterns you can’t get past, it is not about the actions you are or are not taking.

It is about unresolved emotions and trapped trauma in your body and nervous system.

So, when you introduce a new idea, a new path to follow, to do something different, to go outside your comfort zone… it will trigger your nervous system into overload.

From there your nervous system alerts you with thoughts of self-doubt, fear, confusion… Anything to stop you from doing the thing your system senses as dangerous. 

Excuses, stories, reasons to not to do the thing you want because it’s your nervous system that can’t handle it. 

In my work with clients, I identify the overload, the core of the fears, the point where trauma became stuck.

Then clear, heal, release the overload, and reset the system at the core of its communication center.

From there, you have more energy, inspiration, motivation, clarity, strength, and make empowered choices that match what you say you want.

What part of you is making your choices for you now?


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