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Do you feel like “it’s meant to be easier”?

You’re right!

Here is a replay of a live video where I share about why your hustle is not working. 

If you are not having the results you desire, watch this video.

There is an easier way.  YOUR WAY. 


How your body speaks to you

…and extracting the messages you need.

You are not meant to manage physical pain and illness.

You’re not meant to manage emotional discord.

Your body is a manifestation of your subconscious mind.

Your body communicates what is happening in your mind through aches, pains, ailments, emotional states, and such.

When you have a connection with yourself and when you are tuned into your body, you will understand what it is communicating to you.

With that awareness, you take the necessary actions to bring yourself into balance.

The actions and inspired next steps that come through for you may not always be related to the issue.

The action is what will shift the energy, experience, beliefs about yourself… Your inner self, your higher self knows.

:: Learn to listen.

:: Connect with yourself deeply.

:: Get to know all of you and your bodies and you are empowered and unstoppable.

Inside this video, I share with you how. 


Are you ready to do the inner work that creates the outer changes you’ve been seeking?

You see, healing and creation can happen at the same time.  It does not have to take a long time.  

It is easier than your limitations will tell you, funner than you might imagine healing work is, and the simplest ways to create results that last.

Results come from your choice, you showing up for you.  I’ll be your intuitive, psychic guide through my 12 week Make Big Magic Mentorship

You’ll understand how to work with your energy, your mindset, and have processes and tools that work FOR YOU to be the conscious, sovereign creator of your life.  

Do you want help identifying the underlying causes of what is manifesting in your body and life?  

Currently there are 2 spaces available for the right fit.  Due to the intimate support and custom guidance, I limit the number of one to one clients I take on. 

Do you want to apply? 

Here is the link  https://kellyanncory.com/mentorshipapplication/ 

Inside that link there is also a video explaining more of what the Make Big Magic journey is.

Even if you’re not ready for one to one work, the video is intended to shed light on this human journey of evolution, ascension, integration, and dark night of the soul.  


Is your body speaking to you through aches, pains, illness….?

Here is the replay link: 


Get out of analysis paralysis

Change & Choice

If you’re in the midst of a mess – an experience where life, relationships, your business, or other is falling apart and you are in analysis paralysis when it comes to making your choices, this quick video will help.  


Does Self-doubt, fear, confusion, overwhelm stop you?

Go deeper…


Dig into some binge-worthy videos

If you aren’t quite ready to do private work, there is some binge-worthy content on my YouTube Channel.

Be sure you subscribe and click ‘get notifications’ to receive the newest uploads.

Do you know someone who is on the path of growth, empowerment, and healing?  From an alternative, empowered perspective? 

Please feel free to share my YouTube link, or my blog


Are you ready to do the “work”?

The real work.  The inner work.

Because what you experience comes from within you. 

You shift, your life shifts (heath, weight, money, relationships…).

Everything is connected – like a bicycle wheel and YOU are at the center of it all.

Nothing outside of you is more powerful or potent than you.

New energy has been streaming in. 
The veil is thin. 
You’re already likely seeing and feeling more and different.

Do you want to learn how to work with the chaos, change, and uncertainty you’re experiencing?

You are not at the mercy of what is happening.

Would you like to know how to work with what is at the core of it all?

Energy.   Your energy.  New energy. 

The Big Magic Mentorship is your journey inside YOU – tapping into your gifts, genius, and superpowers.

I invite you to explore the idea of having a grounded, Intuitive Guide in your back pocket, supporting you in clearing the inner clutter and tapping into the creative frequencies already within.

What are YOU ready to create now?

There are currently 2 available spaces for The Make Big Magic private mentorship. 

The details for the 12-week mentorship are here
The link to apply is here

Due to the high-level support, there are a limited number of clients I take on at this level.

If spaces are full, I’ll respond to your application and let you know.


Staying tuned in and connected

I hope this post finds you well during this time of change, uncertainty, and confusion. 

I’ve been working closely with my private clients, groups, creating, working with these energies – business is usual for me.

I was made for this time.  My life has been an initiation of change, transition, death, rebirth, uncertainty, confusion, trauma healing, energy healing, emotional empowerment…

And here I am now –  Very well prepared to support you in what is coming up for you.

To identify what is under the surface and clear, heal, transmute it and free yourself so you can step into the CREATION you are here for. 

You can find easy access to resources I share on my blogyoutube channelFacebook, or Instagram.  <— All of these will have the most up to date info. 

A recent message from a past client


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