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How to know if you are denying your dreams and desires.

Do you have subconscious fears around your dreams and desires?

Were you conditioned as a child to deny your wants?

Are you subconscious denying what you want because you’re afraid it can be taken away or it’ll come but, you’ll lose it?

Are you afraid of your BIG dream because of what others might think when they see you happy?

Inside this video, I share ways in which you deny your desires and how to shift the energy from within you.

When ‘doing’ isn’t working, go within.


It’s Not a Mind Thing. It’s a Heart and Vibration Thing

Your heart is the magnetizer of your dreams and desires.

The frequency emanates from your heart and attracts back what matches it. It is a vibrational process. Tune in (lol, get it?) and hear what you can do to allow in what you say you want for yourself.

There are valid reasons you block your own dreams and desires.

You are also just as powerful to magnetize them in.

The course I mention is at this link.


Are you in your own way?


When everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked…

This transmission came through strong as I was walking into the gym today… FEEL it as you listen.

It came through strong as I was walking into the gym today… FEEL it as you listen.

The change you seek happens from beyond your mind. And, from no longer seeking outside of you.

I’d love to hear what you received from this


Do you hold yourself back – unconsciously?

Do you want more for yourself and life but, can’t seem to make it happen?

Inside this audio, I share Three Ways we Unconsciously Hold Ourselves Back from what we want and desire in life – business, love, money, relationships, health…

Whether what you want is Inner Peace, More Money, Love Relationship, More Energy, Successful Business, Feel Happier etc, if you don’t have it but, you want it, this recording will help you get clear about what is in the way and how you can make a shift.

If you’ve hired all the coaches, read all the books, went to all the classes, but still feel stuck, the understanding of these 3 ways will help you move forward.

You’ll learn techniques you can use to identify and clear up the energy around these patterns, blocks, cycles, beliefs that hold you back.

For personal support, check out the different ways we can do some work together.

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